My name is Billy, and I am a photographer.
My wife’s name is Bec, and she is a chef.

BecĀ and I have just embarked on a 6 month journey to explore the world. We’ve been wanting to make it happen since we got married in 2012, but due to a few curveballs and life in general, we didnt get underway till 2016.

At the start of the year, we were sick of talking about it and decided that unless we booked the tickets, it would never happen, so that is what we did. We saved enough to buy our tickets and then we knew we had no option but to just make it happen.

So this is what we are dealing with:
November 27 – December 27: Canada
December 27 – January 14: New York City
January 14 – January 21 : Iceland
January 21 – May 10: Land in London and see Europe.

We decided that for the sake of our budget and being able to actually experience places instead of just experiencing hotels, we would try to crash with as many people that we know as possible, use couchsurfing, airbnb and helpX. Hopefully between all 4 means, we should have the trip covered.

Were gonna be taking photos, cooking and walking alot, so jump back on here and check out whats going on.


Billy-Ray Stokes