Switzerland – Forests & Stuff

So, today was a pretty uneventful day.

Emilie & Damien are starting to question our adventurous side, being that we haven’t really explored all too much of the area around Bex.

Not to say that we haven’t had variety.

Our first day was an easter lunch with them, and their friends. Then, it was a big easter dinner with Emilie’s family. Its not like we have just been sitting at home all day watching netflix.

…but today was kinda that day.

We awake, and Clelie is off, having a play date with her Nan. Yes, the Nan that doesn’t age, and looks more like Emilie’s older sister than her mum. Damien is already at work (as normal humans do), and has been since 5:30 this morning (as normal humans don’t do).

This means that Emilie has the morning to herself. This also means that she hasn’t got changed from her dressing gown. Husband-less, child-less, duty-less… It’s apparent that her life is utter bliss right now.

We kick off the day with a casual breakfast, and get stuck into some more gardening.

Swiss Forrests-2

Emilie & Damien have been so laid back, that I doubt that they really use HelpX for the work that gets done. I am sure that they use it more as a social means than looking for people to help them out. Most of the work is pretty easy, so Bec and I are able to power through it pretty quick. Now, just because it’s been easy doesn’t mean that it has been smooth sailing. They’ve told us about a whole heap of helpers who have been utterly useless, and one guy in particular, who only asked two questions during their stay.
1) What is the wifi password?
2) Is there a lock for my room?

That is legit all he said to them. This dude would scurry off with food during meal times, and spend no time with the family. I genuinely do not understand it whatsoever. I would like to think that Bec and I generally work pretty hard, but still, I really don’t think that the work the guys we are staying with are really asking that much from their helpers.

Swiss Forrests-3

We absolutely power through all the gardening work, and need to get stuck into sanding this garage down. Luckily for us, the work is still pretty simple again, and whats more, the stuff we are sanding down is coming off easier than it really should be. It’s literally like dust.

Emelie has a pre-natal meeting, so she has already well and truly left, which means that we have the house to ourselves. So, being that we started semi-early, we finish around midday today. Post work, Bec assumes the most legendary position (which she usually assumes), and prepares lunch in the gardens for a second day in a row.

It is quiet.

It is warm & sunny.

It’s perfect.

Swiss Forrests-4

There is rarely any music playing, and there is rarely the sound of machinery around the area. This means, that we are left with the most unadulterated experiences of serenity known to man. Like, I know I have said it in earlier posts, but its just as true now, as ever. In most other places that we have visited that are utterly gorgeous, the novelty slowly wears off. Not completely, but just enough that you’re not mind blown every time.

It might be a cliche, but I will turn to Bec countless times and just say some variation of “Maaaate… Get a load of it ay…”, or “Seriously, though…” throughout each day. I think it is a combination of everything though. The weather is perfect, the clear and unobstructed views of the ranges, the fluffy clouds, snow capped mountains, birds chirping, fresh food and great company. The atmosphere in the whole country just seems so peaceful, and not yet have I found myself losing the awe factor of this place.

We enjoy sampling the left overs that we can find in the garden and decide that we will take a lazy afternoon, heading up the forests behind Emelie & Damien’s place.

We head inside to purify our souls from the stain of decaying plants, and get dressed into more social-worthy clothing. We were meant to do some yoga, but we ended up skyping with rellies back in Australia for a good hour or so instead. By the time yoga was meant to happen, our desire for yoga was gone faster than the logic of finding true love on tinder, so we just exchanged looks of disgust, and made our way up the hill.

We walk up the hill, to the spot where we got the view in the morning. Bec has had this idea of a photo of her in the shot, with the mountains as the background. Giving the landscape scale is utterly brilliant.

Swiss Forrests-5

Kinda glad we bailed on yoga, though.

The walk up there was steep enough. Not like we needed to use yoga as a pre-workout. I mean, we kinda didn’t know where we were headed all too much. Our instructions were to follow the road behind the house, and soon enough we’ll reach a path which leads up into the forest. We are walking along, and Bec even decides to take a break, in the form of a flop on the ground.

Pretty smooth.

Swiss Forrests-6

Before helping her though, the correct course of action is to document the scene. Naturally, this comes first. Luckily, though the path is just at the end of the road, so that is where we head next. We wander into the forest through the autumn-like path, which looks more like a natural toboggan track than a foot path. Tackling something like this in the middle of winter would be absolutely brilliant. The banks of the path come up somewhere between your waist and your shoulder. It would be absolutely the best track if you could get some snow on there.

Swiss Forrests-12

We round the corner, and the forestry opens up, giving a semi-obstructed view of the mountains that loom over the place we are staying. There is this log-bench seat sitting just just off the path, which we naturally park up on, and just veg out for a few minutes.

Swiss Forrests-16

But, as all adventures that involved people who’s name starts with “R”, and ends in “ebecca”, its not long before curiosity gets the better of her, and we are moving right along on our way to see more of the swiss forestry.

Swiss Forrests-11

We walk deeper into the greenery (which Bec is LOVING right now), and after a few minutes, find a little spot for us to sit down for a photo of the two of us.

Swiss Forrests-8

In typical “me” fashion, I didn’t bring the tripod, so I resort to my backup tripod, which is more commonly known as my jacket and Bec’s phone if worst comes to worst. She asks if this photo is being for her due to the overwhelming amount of green-ness in the shot.

Naturally, I am going to say yes.

Truthfully, it was just by chance.

Swiss Forrests-9

We wander through the forestry for the next hour or so, taking small tracks, but not going so far, as to lose our bearings, being that Bec’s phone can’t turn back on after 3 photos. The area is so beautiful, and its really nice to actually get that little further from civilisation again. I mean, its not like we were up camping on a mountain top, but its nice to be surrounded with nature again.

Swiss Forrests-13

We make our way back down, and join the guys for dinner.

Clelie heads to bed, and now we’re that tight with her, that she is throwing hugs and kisses around like it’s nobody’s business. Told ya that I’d win her over.

Swiss Forrests-14

We struck a deal the other day though, and that was that I would give Damien a lesson on how to use Lightroom, and Bec would give Emilie an english lesson. I am beginning to think that these guys are making our tasks easier and easier. I mean, they told us to shave off a few hours from our work, if I do the shoot and show Damien about Lightroom, and if Bec helps at dinner last night, and teaches Emilie some English.

I mean, these guys are seriously trying to make our lives easy.

We spend over an hour going through the photos, tuning up shots and showing Damien which shots I would pick, and how I would edit them. Bec was saying that in school, her worst class was English, so this will be interesting, but all through the hour, she was explaining things better than I could have imagined.

It really surprised me, and I was impressed to see that her “worst” class, she was actually nailing, as a teacher! 10 points babe.

Damien is pretty much falling asleep at the computer by the time we are done, so we call it a night, and head to bed.

Again, Switzerland, you did not disappoint.

Come back for the next story,


Swiss Forrests-15

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