Barcelona – Rabbit or Green


Ding. level 9

Ding. Level 8

Ding. Level 7

Billy whispers to me: “Wow everyone wants to get on this morning”

Ding. Level 6

Ding. Level 3

Buffet breakfast level. Finally.

We scope out what’s to offer and how much we could turn into lunched for us to take.

We decide we could get our €3.50 buffet worth. Except we’re €0.50 short in cash and the ticket machine doesn’t accept card.

We decide to bail and find something along to way.

We’re walking to a bicycle company in Barcelona city. It’s a 30 min walk from our hostel. We had the option of rabbit bike or green bike. A Euro difference for the hire (€6 or €7 for a day) was the deciding factor only because we’re going as budget as we can. Ideally I would have gone green bike but rabbit bike is definitely 99.9% ok with me also. As if those were the two companies I got to choose from. I love rabbits, and green is my favourite colour, so either way, we’re winning at life today.

Bikes in Barca-2

We got to rabbit bike half hour before it opens and we didnt find anything to eat along the way. Cafes weren’t even open ’til 10, because we are in a European country, and they don’t bother thinking about getting out of bed before 9 am. Even more of them won’t open until 10:30. Maybe because it’s a Sunday? Dunno, but we found an Italian cafe, and had an Italian breakfast in Spain. #sorrynotsorry

Bikes in Barca-5

We picked up the bikes, and the chick was adamant that Barcelona is the worst city when it comes to theft. Pretty much everyone has said that to us though. They said that about London, then Bulgaria, then Athens, then Rome, and now Barcelona. We haven’t had any issues yet, only our cards getting skimmed in Dublin, which nobody warned us about…

Bikes in Barca-8

We pick up our bikes and get on our way. Our biking adventures around the city was so much fun. We felt so free and fast. We rode through some amazing parks, ones that you could lie down and bask in the ambience of the Spanish sun while listening to buskers, children playing, watching people ride bikes and segways, children on scooters, and people selling giant helium childrens balloons while others are meditating or groups of people doing yoga. There is so much happening all around you in Barcelona, and it is amazing to see so much variety.

Bikes in Barca-7

It seems all the elderly are out also. They are all sitting on park benches, some alone but most with their partners also lapping up the warm sunshine, blue sky that Spain brings.

Billy’s in charge of the map today.

This statement holds no connotation to him being super amazingly bad at giving directions, btw.

We set off and ride through the main streets in the outskirts of the city and we note the feeling of Melbourne to it. Wide streets, same trees line the roads, trams running, heaps of people walking and lots of people riding. Apart from that which seems like every city has it still seems to remind me of Melbourne.

The only horrible thing about this ride is….. it’s all up hill. Thankfully what goes up must come down. So we work hard and go up the long increasing hill to go to P.ark. Yes that’s right a park. But it’s Gaudi’s Park. Just like usual, there are tickets to be able to get into the park, and they are sold out until 6:30pm. Ahhhhhh no thank you. So we wandered the park around the park that is not apart of the park. It still however had some amazing views and a bridge that looked like it was made of wasps nests, but it still had a great design to it.

Very creative.

Bikes in Barca-10

This was the highest point we had to go today. There were these old WW2 bunkers, which was even higher but we opted not to. Plus I think we had to pay for that also so I’m glad we didn’t do the ride up the higher mountain. We rode downhill to see 3 other buildings also designed by Guadi, like the cathedral we saw yesterday. Their design is like Dr.Seuss but with a wicked twist to it. Like this building we stopped at looked like skulls for the balconies and bones for other parts.

Bikes in Barca-11

We kept rollin down the hill as far as we could go. Where does a hill roll down to? A harbour. Boom! That’s where we found a Catamaran with live jazz and a bar on board. How could we say no! Boat, water, music, drinks, jazz, Tranquility. We pay for the boat and make our way to get some food while we wait for 3pm to come around. We head across this walkway which separates to allow yachts to enter the bay-like area where they park up.

Bikes in Barca-13

Bill hung around on the shores, reading his book, while I went looking for something for lunch. Over half an hour later, I return, finally with food in my hands, but the shopping trip which was meant to cost only a few euro swelled out to over 19 euro.

There was literally nothing nearby, and with out us heading well away from the harbour, we had nearly no option. We picked up our stuff and headed back to the Catamaran. We were lined up early to get front net of the boat. There were 6 nets of the front which were allowed. Maximum of 5 people per net. Naturally, we wanted the best view of the lot.

Bikes in Barca-14

We lazed in the sun on this blue sky day (which said it was meant to rain, think not!) nodding in and out of reality. The skippers even gave us a blanket in case the wind was a bit fresh. Overall I can say it was the most peaceful thing we did today. The water rushed beneath us, while the sun warmed us. We would inch our way to the edge of the net, and peer over, and just watch the miniature waves create tiny little lips, soon to disappear under the nets we laze on.

Bikes in Barca-16

The motors of the catamaran help to get us out of the bay, but as soon as we are in the clear water, the engines cut, and the sails are lowered. Its brilliant. The boat just sails along and the only sound you have is the sound of the wind whipping past your ears, and the waves lapping against the face of the fibreglass shell.

Bikes in Barca-17

The saxophonist slowly bleats in the background from time to tome, allowing momentary breaks to enjoy the serenity of the water.

Bikes in Barca-15

The hour and a half went so fast, and before we knew it, we were docked back in the harbour. While we were on the boat we saw the beach side and knew that was our next destination to bake in the late evening sun.

…Yes evening sun.

It doesn’t set until 8pm.

It’s sooooo strange, and something that we are getting used to.

We rode our bike over to the bohemian beach side with palm trees, people selling mojitos, towels, massages, beer, water and anything you can think off. Literally. We have been in a few countries now, and still haven’t seen people getting creative when it comes to trying to make money.

We just strode along the beach that finally had real sand. All other beaches we’ve been to have pebbles. It’s a funny thing tho, while doing our walking tour we found out that this beach were on use to be the harbour and for the Olympics they brought over sand from the Sahara dessert to create a beach.

When we had strolled the beach we set up for the arvo, and sat next to this group of Europeans. French, I think. Well this one French guy in the group was definitely for sure. He got everyone’s attention, juggled his belt, took off his pants, hitched his undies in his butt and showing his white French moon to the beachside as he ran as fast as he could with a dive, little slip twist and dip he was in the water.

Bikes in Barca-18

Let’s just say the everyone on the beach was laughing. Which only encouraged him even more. For instance, with even more enthusiasm, instead of shooing away those who would offer sub-standard massages to the beach-goers, he paid for a full massage for one of his friends, and the rest of them stood in fits of laugher while the one who drew the short straw tries to shorten his time enduring the unwanted body rub.

We sat on our towels watching it all happen in front of us. Billy was happy reading his FIRST NOVEL while I took in the beachside. I convinced him throughout the course of the time I was reading the book, that he should read it also. He has read a few books before, but he is yet to have ever finished a novel. So far, he has been loving it.

Bikes in Barca-19

When Billy had a little break he looked at me and saw big dark rain clouds in the distance coming fast and a lot of them. We raced back to our bikes and rode them as fast as we could back to the bike hire with only catching a few rain splatters. I’m kinda glad the rain did eventually come, for two reasons, 1, We wore these rain coats and carried them all day on a blue sky, and 2, I’m glad they finally got used. We’ve only needed them a couple times on this trip. So I’m glad we’re getting use out of carrying them.

Bikes in Barca-22

We dropped off the bikes, and hung around until the rain stopped and walked back to our hostel in the smaller drizzle. We needed to pack our bags and get an early night because tomorrow’s adventures await with a 4:30am wake up call.

Come back soon,


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