Barcelona – The Most Unproductive Day In Barcelona

So being that we were up for all kinds of hours of the night, we kinda didn’t wake up till around 10 am.

Jess and Rory are super laid back and even though checkout is at 10am, they told us to check out whenever we want, even though they have got someone coming to stay late that evening. These guys are legends.

We have been told that while we are in Barca, we have to go check out this mountain, and the view that it provides. Jess and Rory literally live right next to it, so before we do anything else with the day, we go and grab some fruit and pastries for lunch and make our way up the mountain and check out the view of the city.

We really have got no idea of what to expect of Spain. Most of the time when we go to a new place, be that a country, or a city, we don’t really plan it too much. Unless it is something that we have been dead keen to see for a long time, we don’t really plan it, and we are happy to just take it as it comes.

I mean, everyone has their subconscious expectations, so in the back of my mind I kinda expected good food and guitarists casual playing flamenco on nylon stringed guitars and such. We reach the viewing area, and there is this absolutely banging hotel. I mean, this place looks like it would cost your children’s inheritance to stay there. Naturally, the view that it has is a massive drawcard.

Day 1 in Barca-1

We wander around and check out the city from all angles. It kinda looks a fair bit like Athens did form the suburb that was gifted by the king to the builders back in the day. Its just a sea of houses, spreading all across the land in front, rising even up onto the hillside in the distances. There aren’t a whole heap of high rises, and it seems as though the city tends to grow out, more than it grows up.

We take in everything happening on the top of the mountain, and make our way back to Jess and Rory’s place to head to the hostel.

we were originally going to do another HelpX stint just outside Barcelona, but with the hosts not getting back to us about anything, and having a change in what we wanted to do with our time here, we decided to just enjoy our time in Barca, and HelpX elsewhere. Being that staying in Barca wasn’t the original plan, we only go the one night with Jess and Rory.

This means that we had to book accommodation in a hostel, cos we couldn’t find anything on such short notice.

This is where it gets a little boring, because we kinda just collect our gear, and head to the hostel. That is the end of the day for us.

From there, we decided to plan the rest of our time in Europe.

It snuck up on us quicker than we could have imagined, and now we have just under 6 weeks left before the trip is finished. Now, we need to come up with a solid game plan on how we are going to use the remainder of our time in this half of the world.

And that is pretty much how it went.

We literally just chilled out in the hostel and planned the trip.

Super boring, and not the most exciting day that we have had on our travels, but such days much exist form time to time.

Come back for the next story,


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