Sicily – I Took A Photo Of Bec On The Toilet


I am forewarning you guys here.

I only took two photos today, and they are just of Bec on the toilet cos she took a photo of me on the toilet yesterday. I told her it would come back to bite her in the ass, and now it’s happened.


Bec got a photo on her phone too, but I haven’t edited that, so it looks like a phone photo.

So, you better love reading, or you can get out…


So, Doug does the usual trip back into Caccamo to pick up Nick, and comes back with the treats, or as they call them in Italy, Breakfast.

He takes longer than expected, so we don’t even end up kicking off till 9am. Not too bad, if you ask me. We have a few tasks today. Doug said yesterday that we needed to prune this monster of a rosemary bush, but Bec began contorting and spasming at the thought of having to prune such a monstrous bush back. So, being the hero that I am, I volunteer and save the day.

She gets stuck into painting this rail, and I get stuck into pruning this bush back.

We get the wheelbarrow to take the rosemary to the goats, but I am pretty confident that I can scoop it all up in one hit. I tell Bec to get her camera ready, and like the legend that is, I reach my arms all the way around this bundle of Rosemary, and pick up the bunch to end all bunches.

Its massive.

I am proud of me.

I don’t need no wheelbarrow.

By the time I am done, Bec is pretty much done with the rail, so we quickly stop for a feed with Anne, Doug and Nick. The Sicilian lunches are the best. You actually cannot beat them hey. They did tell us that it is God’s kitchen, and they were bang on, and I love the Siesta lifestyle. That, you cannot beat at all. Most of the shops shut for a few hours in the afternoon so that people can head home, and kick back for a few hours. Its so good.

We stick back into the work ahead of us, and hit another top coat on the gate we primed yesterday. Nick and Doug are still trying to get these steps done, but so as not to use so much concrete, we need to load up a heap of rocks. The best bit about this part of the story? We have to transport these rocks from the bottom of the hill in Doug’s little red hatchback. Not even trying to have a LoL here. We jump in the car and scoot down to the bottom of the hill, and there is a pile of rocks which we have been told we can hoe into for the steps.

Doug and I are going hard at these rocks, periodically checking to see how much more the car can take when it comes to the suspension. Doug goes through and picks up a big rock, and I look in the gap between the two rocks below. There is this thing moving, and I know that things moving under rocks isn’t usually a good thing.

Turns out that we just pulled the roof off a Viper’s house.

I want to try and fish it out. I’m all like “Let’s get this viper out and get a better look at it”, and Doug really couldn’t care less. He’s kinda just like “Yeah…” and gets back to carting rocks into the car. I dick around with it for a little while, but end up feeling bad that he’s still carting these rocks over. I leave the snake to it’s devices and keep loading up the car much past what I would assume is healthy for it.

We do a few more trips, each time, without any more snakes making an appearance. One of his neighbours with a ute decides to give us a hand too. Being that he has a ute, we just bulk load all the rocks up on it. Its so cool, I mean, its almost like his neighbour just rocked up out of nowhere, and now he’s helping cart rocks for the steps. This is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Sicily really does have the kinda community that books are written about.

I keep jumping over to help Bec with the gate in between loads, and then make my way over to run barrow loads of cement to the steps. Its been another laid back day, but a productive day, nonetheless. One really cool thing about being with Anne & Doug, is that their taste in music is a couple decades ago, which means you are always listening to bangers that you have totally forgotten about. Its been awesome to hear these tunes cranking out throughout the afternoon.

We wrap up for the day, and we’re pretty happy about the amount of work that we’ve been able to get through this week.

Tomorrow, we make our way up to Salerno, to see some of the Amalfi coast. It’s been an amazing time in Sicily, and has met and surpassed all our expectations.

Anne & Doug, thanks for all your hospitality. Its been great to get to know you both. We couldn’t have had a better introduction to Sicily.

Come back for the next story,

Billy & Bec

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