Sicily – Paint A Gate, Mate

Today wasn’t that interesting.

Like, I dunno how I am going to make this overly readable, but I’ll try.

The first big job we had today was to paint the main gate.

Painting Gate-3

We grabbed out stuff and got stuck into it.

Painting Gate-9

The gate doesn’t look all too intricate, but my god… The thing literally took us all day to paint. Not even kidding. Admittedly, we were using brushes to paint every surface. Doug said that he likes the look of the brush strokes, so being that it is his gate, we do it his way.

Painting Gate-7

Its kinda nice to have a relaxed day where we can just switch off and laugh and chat about life and where we want to head in the future more. I mean, there is a small degree of concentration, but having something mindless to do for the day has been nice.

Painting Gate-12

Its really nice to just be able to have a laugh with Bec and take it all pretty light hearted while we work. Its a real nice day. Being that we were in the sun all day too, though, we also got tanned. Well… Bec got tanned.

I got burnt.

This is my lot in life.

Painting Gate-6

After lunch, I head inside to go to the toilet, and Bec surprises me with the camera. Thats very nice of her, but a very poor decision. It’ll come back to get her.

Nick & Doug pretty much spend the day forming up the steps for the concrete.

Painting Gate-11

…and that is about all I have to say about today.

Oh, one last thing! We are sitting inside after we knock off, and I really like just not wearing clothes after I’m done working, so I am lying butt naked on the bed, and Bec asks me “Have you got a photo of the gate all finished?”
“Nah I haven’t”
“You wanna run out and grab one?”
“Really babe?”

I am somewhat reluctant, but I embrace the task nonetheless. Opening the sliding door to our patio area, I hide my nuts with my camera, and peer down the wall of the house to see if Doug & Anne’s bedroom window is open, and no doubt, it is wide open. “They can see my ass”, I think to myself, and turn to pull the rolling gate open so I can dart out to grab the photo.

Painting Gate-14

I know that Doug & Nick are still around the corner working on the steps, so it is possible that they might cop an eyeful, but its only one photo, so the odds are low. I stand out in the middle of the street, listen for any cars coming around the corner, quickly check that there are no bystanders as I let it all hang out while I grab the photo.


A quick click, and I am back inside.

Mission successful.

Come back for the next story,


6 thoughts on “Sicily – Paint A Gate, Mate

  1. Ha great story. Looks like you’ve got yourselves a great Helpx stay. The scenery in Sicily looks brilliant. We’re in the middle of a Helpx stay in Suffolk UK and loving it. Great way to travel and meet new people and it’s good to do a few hours work a day. Great site.


    1. Oh man. How good is it hey?! We had the best time ever. We’ve been couch surfing too. If you havent tried it yet, you totally should. We have found that CS is really good for cities, and HelpX is really good for the country. Just depends what you wanna do 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah. We wanted to do one more in spain, but we ran out of time, but we have one more in Switzerland for a week 🙂 We head back to Australia early may

        Liked by 1 person

      2. From what I can gather its just odd jobs from a bit of construction, to gardening. Nothing too hectic, and will be about half hour out of Lausanne. Looking forward to it hey 🙂


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