Sicily – Garden Refurb

Its a Monday.

The new week has begun.

The last few days of the last week were pretty good.

We kinda just nailed the jobs that we were meant to get out of the way.

Doug had all these jobs lined up for us, but we hustled them out the way pretty quick, so we were pretty keen to see how much we would be able to get done this week.

We began the morning by opting to whip up some breakfast for Anne & Doug. The guys have been looking after us, so we thought the least we could do was make them breakfast. Doug is already up. He’s always up earlier than us to let the dogs out and what not.

When we asked where Anne was, he told us that when Bertie was a little over ambitious with getting to the beach yesterday, and tripped her up, she’d hurt her knee, and has still been fighting a cold, so she has opted to just take it easy this morning.

Damn it…

Nice levels, nearly 10/10.

We still get some breakfast sorted for the rest of us, and then get stuck into the day. The big aim for this week is to get most of the prep work done for the renovation on the flat on the level below the main house. Its currently a shed, but it could super easily open onto a pool deck area, and all the guys really need to do is install a bathroom, doors and windows, and they are pretty much set and ready to go for everything else.

So, the first part of that is that need to get the trench dug out for the sewer pipe in the bathroom. So, this guy rocks up with the digger. He starts going at the trench. As they get started, we have been tasked with reforming the front garden bed. This pretty much means we have to break up all the terracotta looking bricks that have been left in the garden bed, weed the whole place and transplant the plants we want to keep.

Bec gets started on the weeding, and I get get stuck into breaking up the bricks. They are really thin, but are like a deformed honeycombs, so as long as you hit them in the right spot with the hammer, most of them will break up pretty easily. By looking at what I had to do, I didn’t think it would take too long.

I was wrong.

It did take a long time.

A lot longer than I had given it credit for.

By the time I had finished the smashing of the bricks with the little gimpie hammer, Bec had pretty much finished weeding the second of the 3 tiers. I am about to get stuck into helping her, when she promptly informs me that it is now my job to transplant the lilies into the garden bed she was just finishing. The only issue with this garden was that it was pretty much just clay and a whole wish mash of rubble.

I get started on the lilies while Bec jumps down to the next tier.

Gatden refurd-2

Out of nowhere, she calls me over full of excitement “Billy! Billy! Get your camera. Have a look at the size of this worm!”
I quickly run inside to get the camera, and come out to see her holding this miniature snake-looking creature, which we can’t deny is a worm. Its one of the biggest earth worms I have ever seen, and the bird that get that worm isn’t going to need to eat for the next decade. 

What we didn’t know was that the worm was actually in it’s smaller size. It then began to stretch itself out, and quite literally doubled in length. Bec was pretty much able to hold it out along her arm. Pretty unreal.

Gatden refurd-4

We quickly stop for some coffee and get back into it. Anne tells us how it is almost impossible to get just one simple job done. One job will uncover another job which needs to be done right then and there too. In this instance, the other job that needed to be done while the digger was around was that this old tree stump needed to come out. Being that it is a lot easier to do with machinery than with a handsaw, it was opted that the digger should be tasked with the pulling out with the tree root.

As annoying as this may be, I have seen this far too many times to think it’s just a ploy. I’ve worked on a fair few jobs when it was meant to be cookie cut and straight forward, but mid way through the job, there was something uncovered that needed to be fixed. This is a bit of a dilemma, but to get the job done right, it needs to be done, so you just have to do the job on the spot.

We wrap up the coffees, and get back into work. I’ve finished the lilies, and now we are both sorting out the 3rd tier.

Gatden refurd-3

Bertie is like our shadow. He’ll just sit there happily and watch us work. You can still tell that he a puppy, though, because he thinks that everything is a game. He will be watching where the dirt goes every time we throw it away. We notice that he is paying too much attention to this dirt, so we begin to see how far he will go with his curiosity.

We begin to lob little chunks of dirt his way.

He begins by grabbing the smaller ones, no worries, but then as he keeps committing to the dirt we are throwing him, he keeps grabbing mouthfuls of dirt. The times he missed, he would run over to where the dirt landed, and look for it…

…among the piles of other dirt.

Almost like it just vanished, or blended in with the other dirt around it or something? I dunno. It’s beyond me. All because in his mind, its a game.

The dog is a nutter.

Gatden refurd-1

You can literally throw anything you want, and he will take it as an invite to a game of fetch. Despite the numerous times he copped facefuls of dirt, he was committed to catching every bit of dirt we threw his way.

We kept at this for longer than we should have, until we realised that he wasn’t going to be the one to give up. That is when we decided to just keep getting the job done. The day continues, and we work just over the usual knock off time, as the rain begins to set in, with the intention of not having to come back and finish off the job from today.

Bec is super sore from suddenly working after not having to work for the past 4 months, so I volunteer to give her a massage. Turns out that her ass is the sorest part of her body.

Couldn’t have timed an offer for a massage better.

She tells me that its the best massage that she has ever had.

Gatden refurd-5



True story.

We freshen up and I put some beard wax in my hair cos thats the only thing I’ve got. Bec wants to make a mo-hawk for me, and I let her make me look like I am 11, and off to a birthday sleep over party voluntarily.

Gatden refurd-6

Anne is a legend and dished us up some pork ribs, so we hoe into that like it was the last meal we had ever had, and wrap up the night with a movie called Valley of Violence. Ethan Hawk is the main actor. John Travolta is a co-star.

The terrible choice in movies was hoping to end.

This was the hat trick.

Pretty much, this guy’s dog dies, and he goes on a kill rampage because they killed his dog. If you’ve seen shooter, that should be the first thing that comes to mind. Mark Wahlberg made the whole pet vengeance thing cool.

This was not cool.

This was over the top.

He just kept coming back to the fact that these guys killed his dog, and thats why he went of a killing spree.

Piss poor movie, and we are hoping that the next choice won’t be so grand.

Don’t do it to yourselves.

Come back for the next story,


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