Santorini – Scavenger Hunting

So, we are in Santorini until tomorrow, then we catch the ferry out in the arvo.

We are more than content to just kick back and relax for the day, but we also wanna do something. We kinda feel as though we have done most things (that fit into our budget), so we cant really think of anything off the top of our heads.

Sooooo… We resort to Brooklyn 99…

…for a few hours.

Then, it gets to around midday, and Bec get some clothes on and says to me, “We should do something”
“Yeah. What you thinking?”, I don’t even lift my eyes from the screen.
“I dunno”
“No! I have it!”, she jumps out of bed and grabs some pen and paper. She begins to write things on little bits of paper and scrunch it up into little pieces.

I am happy to just watch Brooklyn 99 for now. She’s got the idea for the activity, so imma just leave it with her.

She goes at this for a little while, and I get curious as to why she is so excited about it.

“Sooooo… What we getting up to then”
“Were going to do a scavenger hunt”
“Oh yeah?”, I’m not quite sure whether I am on board with this just yet, “What we doing?”
“Dunno. I’ve got some suggestions and were just going to do whatever we pick”
“Oh cool. I’m gonna add a few”, I grab a pen and some paper and write down what I think.

Bec has told me that she has gone pretty broad with her ideas, so I am going to try and do the same.

Scavenger Hunt-1

We throw our ideas into the empty part of Bec’s purse, and off we go.

We step outside, and the first thing that comes out of Bec’s purse is “Go get a coffee”.

Not bad…

Not bad…

Nice and light to start with. I was hoping for something a little more hectic, but we’ll go with that. We walk from our apartment to the middle of Kamari, onto the most hipster cafe we can find. The more hipster = the more gooder the coffee (generally speaking). You can tell, because they usually have beard, suspenders, and checkered shirts. This guy only had the beard, so we figured that since we haven’t seen anyone else with beards making coffees, this would be the best bet.

Scavenger Hunt-2

We get our coffees, sit down to pull out the next one. We’ve been alternating who picks the activities, and Bec pulls out “Draw a tattoo on the other person”. She pulls out her pen, and draws the thuggest flower you can on my arm.

Scavenger Hunt-3

I look pretty thug.

With my flower on my arm, I pull out the next activity…

…”Swap Shirts”…

I was hoping that this one would pop up a little later in the day once things had got a little boring, but as fate would have it, we ran into the bathroom at the cafe, and swapped our shirts over. I walk out, trying to hold Bec’s shirt down, and my pants up. My midriff is often being showcased to the masses as I casually swing my arms in a very normal walk.

Nothing abnormal…

Just my belly button and snail trail for the world to see.

Bec is just looking like she’s slept over her boyfriends house and opted for alternative clothing over her own.

Scavenger Hunt-6

With our new attire, we pull out the next instruction, which says to “Piggy back the other person to the next destination”, so we chuck that back in our pockets, and pull out another instruction to see where I am piggy backing Bec to. We get “Go eat”.


Scavenger Hunt-8

There is a little pizza place only a couple meters away, so we head there for a quick feed. The pizza is the thickest, nastiest pizza you have ever seen. It is so tasty, it is not even funny. We decide for the sake of the pocket, to just share one, but we should have got one each.

Time for the next activity, and this time Bec pulls out “Go buy a stamp”. We have a postcard for mum, which we have been meaning to send for ages, but just haven’t got around to it. More out of forgetfulness than anything else, but this fixed that.

Scavenger Hunt-9

We head into the post office just before they shut for afternoon siesta.


Actually the best cultural practice ever invented.

Post-postcard, I pull out the next activity, which says that I gotta “pick Bec a flower for her hair”, she’s always hinting toward me giving her more little flowers like that, so this time, she can’t complain, I made she that she gets her little romantic flowers and stuff.

Scavenger Hunt-10

With the flowers in hairs, pizza in bellies and clothes swapped, Bec dives into her purse to pull out “Buy a beer each”. Being that we aren’t in Australia, being bombed with laws, we just walk into the bakery and buy two tinnies. I have a feeling that we can drink wherever we want, but we decide to check with the chick before we do just in case.

As is common on our travels, she doesn’t speak much english, but she says, “Yes. You can drink fine”

Scavenger Hunt-11

Bec and I crack open our beers and pull out our next task.

“Draw 2 more & pick one to keep, discard the other option”. This is a real plot twist, so I dip into Bec’s purse and pull out two more. One is “Take a bus to the next town”, or “play”. Being that the bus requires time and money, we scrap that one and choose “play”. I decide that the game we will play is to not step on the lava until we get to the next activity.

Scavenger Hunt-13

We’re walking on the footpaths, tip toe-ing and hopping over the really wide bits. Its all a bit hectic when you’re avoiding lava.

Bec choose a piece of paper that just says “To do”, she certainly wasn’t kidding when she said that hers were pretty broad. She decides that we will make flower wreaths for each other.

Scavenger Hunt-15


Scavenger Hunt-16

We pull up on the side of the road, chuck our beers down, and collect all sorts of flowers, leaves and vines to make little crowns for each other. Bec is really creative and usually destroys me in these kind activities, but I am pretty confident that I won, even Bec said that mine was amazing. It looked like the sorta thing that you would give to a greek God to wear. I am that good.

Scavenger Hunt-14

Next thing we pick out the “place”, and since Bec needed to go to the toilet, that was the place we went to.

Scavenger Hunt-18

Since I suck at paper, scissors, rock against Bec, I decided to write the play each other for the best of 3 rounds at PSR, but the catch is that to win, you actually have lose the 3 rounds. The time was now. I pulled it out of the hat, and like a miracle, I got flogged again. I don’t know how it works. She literally always gives me hiding at PSR…

Scavenger Hunt-19

We go for a walk and pick out “Have a photo shoot”, so we duck into this old abandoned hotel-looking thing, and have a look around. There are beautiful soft tones all around the place. Its like a sandy kinda colour, and the light from the sun is just getting caught between the small open space we decide to shoot in. We get the camera set up. After a few test, we get the stitch and off we go.

We pull out the next activity, which is “Collect item”, so before we leave the abandoned place, we figure that we should have a look around here for one. We enter one room, and there it is, this wooden boat-wheel thing (I cant remember what it is called). This is perfect. It is going to be our memento of Santorini, and I am going to take it home.

Scavenger Hunt-22

We wrap up by picking out the very last activity which is to find a statue and make a story up about it. We found this statue which was all about the time that the Romans invaded Greece, and decided that eagles should become the supreme overlords to the Greeks, so they made this statue in the honour of the eagles.

True fact**

Scavenger Hunt-23

With out last bit of fun done, we head into the centre of town (I cant remember why now), and play some dice on the bench seat. For a day which was looking as though it was going to be a little drab and boring, Bec certainly made sure that it was going to be a day to remember. She is really good like that. She can make fun out of anything, and I know that she is going to be an amazing mum. Thats one of the number 1 tricks in life, I reckon. Have fun with anything, and you’ll be sorted.

Scavenger Hunt-24

She’s sorted, I guess…

Scavenger Hunt-20

Anyways, we head home, make some wraps for dinner, play some cards, watch more Brooklyn 99, and then Bec heads to bed. I stay up to blog, and lucky for me, there are also two major boxing fights on. The first was Haye Vs. Bellew, in which Haye was the favourite, but he was too cocky, and his dodgie ankle stuffed him up. Bellew looked like he was over weight, where as Haye looked like he was shredded.

Scavenger Hunt-25

Its funny how it works out.

Next was the Thurman Vs. Garcia fight. This one, I was more excited about. Thurman was 27-0 and Garcia was 33-0. The most amazing thing about boxing is that it is inevitable that one of the fighters going into that ring are going to loose. That is it. There is no second place. There is no feel good at the end.

Scavenger Hunt-26

You win or you loose.

The most amazing thing was that you have got two fighters who have never known defeat, and on this night, one of them was going to become really familiar with defeat, but both of them are convinced that it is going to be the other person.

I stayed up literally all night watching the fight, but it was worth it. Thurman won by split decision, which was obvious. He was all over Danny Garcia, and dominated most of the fight. It was good to watch.

I go to bed, with the sun coming up, and just jump in bed to let my eyes rest before tomorrow morning.

Scavenger Hunt-27

Come back for the next story,


**this is in no way a true fact.

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