Ireland – The Wait is Over


We maintain that we were grateful for the unexpected time in Ireland.

We felt prior to Ireland, that we were just kinda skimming over the surface of a lot of countries. Ireland, included. We has just picked up a camper van and headed south for a few days, but didn’t really get to stop and experience the culture like we would have liked. We gave ourselves too short of a timeframe to operate within, so having to stop in Dublin for a few extra days kinda worked.


But, we kinda had hoped that we would have continued our trip, and today is the last chance for the cards to arrive, otherwise we are waiting till Monday for them to come.

The tracker says that they arrived yesterday in the dispatch depot spot, but they haven’t been delivered to the actual property just yet. Of course, we are getting a little nervous that they wont arrive, and increasingly irritated. We have also decided that we are just going to take the next flight out of Dublin, so we are keen as to tick that off the bucket list.

Its kinda just annoying that we know it is going to happen, but we just cant quite do it yet.

We check out of our hostel, and go to book another room.

Turns out that fro the Friday night rates, they almost triple, and for the Saturday nights, it doubles the price of the Friday. I mean, we were only paying 9 euro each, but still, that is a jump in price that we are not willing to make.

We sit in the foyer area of the hostel and look for somewhere else to stay for the night. There is literally nowhere around for the price we found. We found a place for a few Euro more, but its on the other side of the river, which really isn’t that far away, but I just really don’t like carrying the pack unless we really need to.

Unfortunately, we really need to.

We get to the place, and we find out that we cant check in till 2pm, so in the name of killing time, we just plonk our gear down, and just kick back for an hour. Finally, we are allowed to check in. We literally just head upstairs, drop our gear, and head out. We just ned to be doing something. Ready this morning, We had said to each other that we are ready to go.


I think that it is more the fear that we are going to have to stay another weekend.

That is more the issue than anything else.

We decide that since we have the whole afternoon to burn, we should head to the museum which houses all the artefacts of Dublin, but that trip was short lived, since there was nothing to explain anything about the things we were looking at. It was just like “Here is a rock from the viking era”


No context or relevance at all. Just tiny ass plaques. Not ideal.


It took us ages to find something decent, so we just kinda wandered through, and then found some steps to sit on for a bit. We did, however, get to see a few of the swords and there was a skeleton of someone who was believed to be a viking. That’s kinda cool.

Thats about all.

We decide to go for a wander and find ourselves heading down Stephen’s Green, which is just the rich kid’s shopping mall. What we failed to do the first time that we headed down Stephens Green the other day, was to try this donut shop.


We thought that since we have become fat slobs since we’ve been away, we tried to do the right thing, by not getting a donut. This time, we just decided to go ahead and buy ourselves a bloody donut, but in the spirit of not being fat slobs, we shared one instead of getting one each. Its called the Rolling Donut.


You cannot fault it.

They have every flavour under the sun.

Just do it.

You wont regret it.


We then head to a cooking and crockery shop, and Bec is in her element. It is here than I find out how naive I am in the cooking world. Multiple times, I found myself saying to Bec, “Oh babe. We should get this”.

*proceed to show her a useless kitchen contraption for sale*

“Nah thats kinda useless”, she replies.

Or, I would ask, “Hey, you wanna get this?”, pointing something out which I think will help her out heaps in the kitchen, to which, I get the stink eye.

I’m getting better though. We have spent a lot of time in kitchen stores, and when we began this kitchen store prowling ritual, I was utterly useless. I was that guy that they make money off from selling the kitchen slicer 10,000 on the infomercials at 1 in the morning. Not any more. Now, I only think half the new ideas are useless.


We hang out in the shop till we have had our fill, then we make our way out to the food store. I tell Bec that I really don’t want to walk 15 mins to only save a few bucks. She’s adamant that we have more time than money to spend right now, so why not? She has a valid point, but I don’t like it. But, I still go ahead with it, cos its a valid point.

I have been playing with an apple all afternoon too.

Its al bruised now, but I really wanna throw it at something. Bec doesn’t like that, and I know, and I hold onto it for another hour or so, before throwing it in the bin, based on the fact that there is no real way to appease my destructive desires without being incriminated. I don’t want to be incriminated, so I biff the apple instead.


As we are heading to the shops, the sun is setting, and I am in for a treat. The sun’s golden light is landing on the buildings on the other side of the river, and the water shimmers the soft hues from the sky.

Bec turns to me, “See… If you didn’t come for the walk, you would have missed out on this”.
“Fair enough”, I begrudgingly say, but she knows that she has won this one.

We head to the shops, and I begin helping Bec out, but as all good shopping trips turn out, I end up sitting on the bench outside, for two reasons, 1. I want to buy things that apparently aren’t necessary. 2. I don’t really want to be shopping.

So, I sit on the bench and wait.

While I am playing games and destroying the phone’s battery, I think it would be in my best interest to check my messages. I hop on the Tesco wifi, and lo and behold, there it is. I log on, and what is even better news?


My mate Lee, who is a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, has messaged us and said that the cards have arrived.

Thank the sweet little baby Jesus!

I head to the register and tell Bec, and we have a little happy dance.

We run back to the hostel, and I head to jump on the bus. I’ve walked for around 10 mins. Just as I am about to jump on the bus, I realise that I don’t have the beers. Pain in the ass. I turn around, run back to the hostel, and begin my trip again. The bus ride is over an hour, and costs 3.20 euro. Thats a fair whack.

I get on the bus, and ask the driver where my stop is.

“You want me to just give you a yell when we’re there?”
“Oh mate. That’d be tops”

I grab a seat, and find and begin playing my games on my phone again. As we get closer, I get up and ask the driver if this is my stop. I overhear someone call him John. Lock that one away in the memory bank.

We get talking and it is apparent that John is a lad. He’s in his early 50’s. We begin exchanging conversation and terms that we aren’t familiar with. I tell him where I am headed, and he says not good things about it. I ask him “Are these the back blocks are they”
“Is that some sorta holden commodore term is it?”
I laugh, “Yeah. Thats the one mate”

I jump off the bus at my location, and make my way to Lee’s place. I knock his door, and the legend himself opens the door, cards in hand. We get talking, exchange the goods, and he is a true gentleman. I grab my cards, and head back to the bus stop. I walk back to the bus stop. The phone is dead, so now I just go off memory. I wait at the bus stop, and who else would rock up, other than my mate John.


I walk onto the bus, throw my hands in the air.

“Joooooohn! Maaaaate!”

He looks up, “Well fancy seeing you here!”, he says. I go to reach in and pay my fare, to which he covers the coin slot, and says “Mate. This one is on the house”
“You are a true gentleman and a scholar”

He gives me the nod of approval.

You bloody champion John.

We head upstairs to our place, and we find out that we are rooming with a british solider. That’s pretty cool.

We go to sleep.

We sleep well, knowing that we are off in the morning.

We pack our gear for a swift departure once we wake up, and off to sleep we go.

Come back for the next story,


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