Ireland – The Really Bloody Long Waiting Game

So, we have been taking each day one at a time.

We have no idea when the cards are actually going to arrive, so in the meantime, we just have to wait and be patient until this bloke we are sending the cards to, gets in touch with us.

I’ve never actually met him.

The connection is that the is my second cousin’s mate’s nephew.

Get a load of that.

The guy seems like a real lad. I told him I was gonna bring him some beer for helping us out, and he does the usual “Oh nah. You don’t have to do that” thing, but you kinda cant not, so too bad. But the rules are, he’s not getting any beers ‘til I get the cards.


We check out of the room at the hostel were staying in, and pretty much just wait to hear whether anything is going to happen before midday. Anytime after midday, and we will have to stay another night. Being that we don’t know where we are going, we don’t want to be rocking up late at night, unable to speak the language and with out accommodation. So, we want to be at the airport by midday.

We wait.

I blog.

Midday comes and goes, and the really really average part is that check in is at 2pm…

So, now we have all our gear with us, and we aren’t picking up the credit cards, we are forced to have to wait in the hostel with the seedy Brazilian bloke who does nothing except talk on the phone literally all day, and swipe right 90% of the time on tinder.

I saw it.

He sat next to me.


Our conversations were broken regularly whenever his attention was sideswiped by scantily clad teens and wannabe instagram models. Needless to say, our conversations didn’t go much past “Whats your name?”, “Where you from?”.

2pm comes around, and we are getting sick of just waiting around in Dublin, and we wanna continue the trip now. Not to say that we haven’t enjoyed our time in Dublin, in fact, we actually were in a way grateful that we had to stay longer, because we certainly felt as though we have a full experience of Ireland because of it. That sentiment is slowly diminishing with each morning spent trying to arrange accommodation for the next night and waiting for the proverbial phone to call.


We decide to treat ourselves to come triple fried chips, which were obviously straight out of the packet, and definitely not triple fried.

Bec told me so.

We book our room, except this time, since we have just been sleeping in the same bed anyways, we just decide to book one bed. The bloke is a little sus, but kinda turns a blind eye. Good lad.

Dumping our backweights in the room, we are in need to fresh air and some sort of head-clearing sanity, so off we go, to see us, some more deer. We really liked the deer the other day. The only issue was that we didn’t bring enough apples with us. This time, we wouldn’t be so foolish. I get the directions of the receptionist, and being a guy, with the innate ability to be able to find my direction based on the placement of stars in the night sky…


…even during the day, I assume the role of chief navigator. We begin walking to find ourselves some apples. We don’t wanna pay a premium for them, so we just need some dero shopping centre to buy them at. I know exactly where to head, and Bec stops at this corner, and says to me, “I think we need to head back this way”
“Nah babe. The chick said to turn right, and then left later down the track”
“I think we have to turn left up here though”
“Nah. It’s definitely this way”

It was definitely not that way.

We walked for a good 15mins. Luckily, it was still in the direction of Phoenix Park, but we were apple-less, and I was not about to go to phoenix park without bearing the necessary apples. Bec gets her phone out, and looks for the supermarket that I so perfectly plotted our route to, using the stars I can’t see as navigation. Turns out that it is 950m back the way we just came.



For those of you who don’t know us well.

This isn’t uncommon. I’m actually the most useless bloke-minded navigator in the history of male navigators. So, we plot ourselves a new route, and off we go, to find ourselves another supermarket along the way. Conveniently, we find one only a couple hundred meters up the road. Apples in hand, we keep heading toward the park, chatting about life plans and how were gonna buy the properties the investments we want to buy and such.

Finally at the park, and the next mission is to try and find the deer.

We know there are a lot of them, but we also know that the park is bloody massive. We literally just zig zag across the whole park for about 20 minutes until we finally spot little beige bumps in the distance. I think that they may be deer, but I can hardly tell from this far away. I get the camera out and take a photo, and still can hardly tell after zooming right in on them.


We figure, “what the hell?”, we’ve got time to kill, so we set off in that direction, and hope that we are right. Admittedly, they are in the middle of a big field too, so that is most likely the right spot for them to be hanging out.

The closer we get, the more we are assured.

These are the deer we are looking for.

We crack out the apples, and instantly, animals who would otherwise run at the thought of you being within the range of nuclear fallout, suddenly consider you to be their greatest asset and strongest ally. We have them flocking to us. Not even kidding. So, we have got a whole bag of apples. Theres about 8 apples in there. We naturally wanna make them last, so to make them last as best we can, what we do is we will take a bite, and then give that to the deer.

So, Bec is feeding this one deer, who is really bold. Just comes wandering right over from a couple meters away and stands right next to the deer that Bec is already feeding. Bec gives it a feed, which is kinda expected, but then this deer isn’t so keen on only getting one piece of apple. Then outta nowhere, this deer just dips it’s head, and jolts forward, ramming it’s antlers into Bec’s shoulder.

I’m filming all this at the time, and it literally happens just as I am turning my camera off. Bec straightaway just legs it out of there.


I was looking at the camera at the time, so I really had no idea how hard it had hit her, but needless to say, we were both on edge from that moment onwards. She comes over to me, and you know when people do that “Yeah I’m find thing”, but they have that tone in their voice that says, “I really could have done with out that” yeah. It was one of those kinda tones of voice. I mean, we did see the signs that say don’t feed the deer, but nah. We came to feed deer, and thats what we are about.

Bec comes over to where I am, and takes possession of the water and the remaining apples. Now that we know what we are dealing with, I’m a little on edge. The whole fight or flight thing comes into play, and I begin thinking about where on it’s antlers I should be grabbing. My plan is, grab it by the antlers, and just steer it’s head to the ground. I mean, that sounds way more boss than just running away.


But I just had a feeling that when push comes to shove, I’d probably just levitate out of the path of the deer. So, I was feeding this deer, and Bec is filming just behind me. As she moved her arm to get a better angle, the deer bolted. I packed my dacks. I didn’t move, but inside I was ready to bolt if I needed to. Haha.

Now, everyone is a little skittish, so we just feed the remaining apples to the deer, and head back to the hostel.

So, for those who know Bec well, you’ll know that she will find coins literally everywhere. She’s like a money magnet. I mean, its not heaps, but there have been times that having the extra 5c has got us just over the line.

For those who know me will, you’ll know that I don’t find coins everywhere, and if I’m short on coins, I’ll just put it on the card, or get more cash out.

While we have been away, its become a game for us. Bec’s goal is to find a coin everyday, which I can say she literally has found money every single day. It’s not even an exaggeration. I, on the other hand, have found literally nothing. So, we are walking back to the hostel, chatting about life and the future, and where we see things heading the next 5 years.

Then all of a sudden, about 3 meters ahead of us, I see a coin.

A nice big shiny silver coin.

Finally, I am able to redeem myself.

I stop mid conversation, run to pick it up, which is when Bec realises what is happening too. She’s as excited for me, as I am for myself. I pick it up, inspect it, and I am instantly left disappointed. All I am holding is a shiny C2013 battery. The kinda one that goes in the pain in the ass remotes that nobody likes.

I show Bec, who instantly starts laughing.

Not with me, at me.

I would too.

The only time I actually spot a coin, and it turns out to be a damn dead battery. Super not ideal.

I kick the battery and we walk home.


We’re literally around the corner, and I see this bloke wearing a beanie with “CROWS” on it, with the Crow’s team colours. I just turn to him. “You from Adelaide?” He looks confused, but I know the penny with drop, so I just continue to stare him down.


He smiles.

“Oh nah mate. Me old man is from there though”
“Oh righto. What you doing over this way?”

Again, I am blown away at how two strangers can meet on the other side of the world, and have nothing in common than their country of origin, and they hit it off on the streets like long lost mates. I’d never bother to just hit up someone on the street and ask “Oh yeah? Adelaide, is it?”. Actually, you could probably get away with it. Maybe not. I’ll give it a go when I get home, and let you know.

His name is Rory, and he’s been here for just shy of a year, and has intentions of staying indefinitely. He says how Dublin feels like home to him already. So much so, that when I told him that I really like Dublin, his first response was “Oh thanks man”, to which, I gave him a funny look, and he gave himself a funny look.

We head back to our room, and head to sleep.

It’s been an adventurous day of waiting to fly out of Dublin.

Come back for the next story,


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