Ireland – The Quiet Day In Dublin

So Bec and I are kinda in a bit of an odd spot right now.

While we were in England, we had our credit card details compromised.

Luckily, a good friend of mine, Jess, works for the group we bank with back in Australia. She acted like the biggest hero that one could be, and pretty much organised us cards and posted them to my cousin’s friend’s nephew’s place in Dublin, so that we can get our cards and be on our merry way.

The only issue with all that, is that they were meant to be here 3 days ago.

When we last found out, they were in Perth still, which means that we had another couple days left for them to get here. So, we have only got one card with which, we can make our credit card transactions, and the issue with that, is that we get charged a higher exchange rate than the normal credit card.

Naturally, we wanna get the cards.

The only problem with that is that we pretty much just have to wait.

…and wait…

…and wait…

Until our yet-to-meet-friend, Lee lets us know that the cards have arrived at his place in Dublin.


Then it gets exciting!

Once we have got our cards, we then are able to fulfil a bucket list item that Bec and I have been talking about doing for years, which is to just rock up to an airport, and take the next flight out of the country.


We have been talking about doing this since we were just dating.

It is exciting that we have no idea where we are going to land.

We’re pretty pumped for that. So, as much as it is literally just a waiting game right now, once we have the cards, then the waiting part of it is over, and its time to get the trip underway again.

We had extended our stay last night, to include an extra night, so that we didn’t have to lug our gear around with us, and the way I saw it, the likelihood of the mail arriving at a convenient enough time for us to go and get the cards was minimal, so we just booked another night, which worked out to be really good.

We decided to have a really good sleep in this morning, and officially began the day with showers and a good quality coffee.

The Quiet Day in Dublin-1.jpg

We walked out the front of the hostel we are staying, across the courtyard, and to a coffeeshop on the corner. Just as we are about to walk in, Bec spots the coffee shop next door. “Do you wanna try that one?”
“Yeah ok”

We walk over, and you can really tell a good cafe just by looking at it hey. We walk in, and order our coffees. We spy a coffee roaster, and get talking with the bloke managing the cafe. He begins telling us how much it cost them, how much it produces, where they get their beans from, how long it takes to roast the beans, how long each batch will last the cafe and whether they supply anyone else around them. The guy naturally asks, so we tell him that we have been working on a plan for our own cafe over the last few years. He’s an open book, and even writes us a list of the best places to get coffee in Dublin.

People like this are the reason that the world keeps spinning.

We get our coffees, and these are without a doubt, the best coffees that we have had since we have left Australia. I cannot tell you how disappointed I have been with the rest of the world’s standard of coffee. It is deplorable.


Noot Noot

Seeing this with our own eyes, and getting marginally more insight into the workings of a cafe like this really sets Bec and I off. We begin discussing future goals together, where we want to head in life, how we are going to get there and what we are going to do in the coming years to ensure that we are going to be putting ourselves in the right financial positions for our family’s future.

Its pretty exciting.

Just over a small cup of coffee, and with a tiny blue notepad, we rehash our life goals and plans and set out a bit of a structure as to how we are going to get there. This is the kind of conversation that brings my heart alive. Its in these moments, that it confirms that Bec really is the right girl for me. There have been times when we seem so polar opposite, its not even funny, but times like this, that I remember why I fell in love with her in the first place.


We talk and dream for what would probably have been near on an hour, and then we get a move on, as the cafe starts filling up more. I head back to the hostel to get stuck into some blogging, while Bec runs off to get some lunch/breakfast for us.

We pretty much just do our things for the next 7 hours.

I talk with Damo for a bit about properties and shares, and read a few articles online.

While I am half way through, this one bloke comes up to us, and asks whether we wanna be part of the the quiz. There are beers to win. I’m still gonna just plug away at my work, and Bec is looking at properties back in Australia, so we politely decline the guy. I keep working away, and then just as the game is about to start, he comes past, so we figure we will jump on board.

We decide that we will be called “Dyslexics Untied”, as there is a prize for the best name, and we think that has a good chance at winning us a prize. We have one of our roommates come join us. He has been here for a week already, so he just tells us that every one googles everything. They googled everything, and still came third…


Bec has this whole “I wanna win the game fair and square” thing going on.

I have this whole “There is free beer we can get” thing going on.

We just kinda chop and change when and where we should use google instead. The game goes on for a good nearly two hours, and then they begin announcing the winners. 7th place is announced, then 6th, then 5th, then 4th, then 3rd. Each time, we are expecting to hear our name called out, and each time, its not called out yet.

It gets down to the final two, and the guys says that there was only one points difference between them.

We hear our team name called, and he announces that we had come second.


We got that close… You can see the celebrating.

Moral of the story? Cheat to win.

If necessary, cheat more.

I assume my spot on the chair and continue blogging until 5:45 am. I’ve got 7 blog posts written up tonight.

I’m pretty happy with my efforts, but my ass is sore from sitting on it for so long, and I mean really sore, not just a little bit sore.

Its time for my bed now.

Come back for the next story,


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