Ireland – Neddy the Gyspie Kid & The Day of Disappointments

I’m in Maccas.

I have been for a while now.

I have had to get a document signed and sent home, and I have had to follow up on a few things like our couch surfing requests and the insurance for the car incident in Scotland. Between things like this, blogging and photography, I am usually the one holding us up from making the real progress that we need to on this trip.


I wrap up everything I need to do, and Bec has been ready to go for ages. I did tell her, however, that we would be on the road by 10am. This is where it is at now. We have to make agreements and bargain for what time we have to leave by.

Its working for now.

That is what matters.

But one thing that was super cool… This mate of mine that I met in 2008 and got to know really well during the years that followed just had a kid the other week. Really cool. It’s his first kid, and everyone who knows him will tell you that he is going to make an amazing dad. I got a message from him, asking me to be is kid’s godfather.

I can’t say how stoked I was about this. It was a huge honour, and naturally, I wouldn’t have said no. We’ve just got a whole heap more incentive to head over to New Zealand to see him and the fam now hey. So, that was an awesome message to be able to receive.

I jump in the car, and Bec has sorted the car out, got brekky made, and it is 10:01. Right on the money. I even point it out to her, to which she replies “Oh wow babe! hahaha”. Brilliant… I have her laughing. Everything is ok now.

Our first destination on our way toward Dublin today is the Red Iron Bridge. This spot is not a decommissioned bridge, which used to be one of the main ways that the railways would travel across the river to Waterford. Now, it is a mild tourist attraction. its a little bit out of the way, and the only spot we could find to park, was right next to the city’s dog kennels.

If it works, it works.

It worked.

Bec looks at me, “Are you tired?”
“I’m knackered”
“Wanna have a nap?”
“Lets have a nap”

We drive a little further out the way, and park up for an hour to nap. This was the best decision we made so far. A combination of late nights and parking in spots that are near a touch of traffic have been backing up. We’re beginning to feel it now. We wake up, I put my clothes back on, and we head back to the Red Iron Bridge.


We are still a little doughy, but we are feeling better about ourselves. There is no real pathway up to the bridge so we kinda just follow the random path blazed through the bushes, by the edge of the road.

We reach up, and I am a touch further ahead of Bec, so I go to inspect. The closer I get, the more I am realising that what I expected and what is reality are two things. I mean, between the beams beneath my are gaps which would be suspended a good 15 or so metres above the water, which is kinda good that there is some sort of element of risk, but the gaps are too small for you to really fall through. So, that element of risk is kinda not really there anyways.

I look up, and there it is.

A gate.

Welded in place, trying to stop people like me from crossing. I can understand. There is a break in the bridge, so they don’t really want people to get on the other side, but still. I kind thought that you might be able to go for a little bit of a walk. I turn around to Bec, “Well.. Thats kinda it…”
“You wanna go?”
“Yeah. Guess so”


A little underwhelming, but thats ok. I think I just expected it to be a bit bigger and more accessible. We head back down to the car, and continue to the next spot on our list, which is this old monastery. After driving about half hour, we pull into the car park, and there are all these works happening, and the place is shut, so we decide to keep moving on. Not that big of a deal to be honest, it was only a monastery. We then kept moving to our third sight for the day.

We get to this really old Abbey, which was home to some really old dude that we were keen to learn about.

…but it was closed.

By this point, the bridge was a let down, the monastery was closed and now the abbey was closed. Its a friggin friday. These places should be open. With this in mind, we figure, we’ll just drive till we reach the Wicklow Mountains, just outside Dubin, and set up for the night.

As we are on the way, we are heading past this spot, called the Dumore Caves. As we are driving past, I hit up Bec, and we decide that we should go check out. Hopes high that we might be able to actually do something this afternoon, we pull into the drive way. Much to our disappointment, but not surprise, it is closed.

As we are leaving, I turn to Bec, “It is Friday isn’t it?”
“I think so…”

We go as far as checking the calendar to make sure that it is actually Friday.

It is Friday.

Now, it is mid afternoon, and we have attempted to get to see 4 sights, and we have only been successful with 1. Now its just a matter of see what we can. We don’t really care so much any more. We head through this town, and just as we are passing, we see this candle making shop. Naturally, we head inside, and the bloke comes out to greet us.

First topic of conversation?

The car we are driving, of course.

It usually goes like this: “Is that your car?”
“Nah mate, we just hired it. Its great hey?”
“Yeah. Where did you hire it, and how much can I get one for?”

Pretty much, that is how it went here.

We ask him whether he makes everything in house, to which he just asks if we want to have a look around. Well durr. Of course, we’d love to. He introduces us to his work experience kid, who, as he describes it, is legal slave labour.

The kid doesn’t deny it.

He says that he likes it, but the guy is also standing right there, so you better damn well say that you like it. You know how it goes mate. But it still is kinda cool, the guy imports wax from all around the world. He is currently making a candle that will be around 7ft tall. It should weigh between 200-250 kilograms. Not exactly light.


Its pretty hectic.

He even collects river stones that he likes the look of, and makes silicone moulds to make candle stones out of. Not too bad. He’s a bit of a lad. We depart from our new mate. He keeps trying to remember the name of the last actor on the side of our car. He’s got Jeff Bridges and John Goodman, but neither of us can remember who the last guy is.

We kinda don’t care either.


We head off, and about half hour up the road, we see a sign which says “Adventure Park Ahead”, I turn to Bec, “You keen?”
With a sign of relief, she says “Yes… It would be nice to actually do something today”

We head inside, and see that being that the rain is setting in, there isn’t as much happening as we expected there to be, but we make the most of the seesaw. We had some fun there.


We have some fun, and continue to Cork.

We look for somewhere to shower, and find a little leisure centre. Bec runs in to see how much they wanna milk us for to be able to shower, and Bec comes running back, rips open my door, and says “Babe! Settle in! We’re gonna go for a swim”, we figure that we will wrap the day up with a decent evening. We haven’t showered in the last 3 days, so feeling like I haven’t got a tanned hide over my skin would be nice.

We head in and look for the showers, and find that they are in fact, just right by the pool. For everyone to see. So, they aren’t really “Get naked” showers, they are, in fact just “Wash yourself before you go for a swim” showers. So, we just kept our shorts on, and showered. We find out that we have access to the showers, pool, sauna and steam room. We literally spend the next 2 hours working a cycle of all three.

While we were kicking around in the pool, this little kid, no more than 10 years old, comes over to us, and just gets talking with us. I said something, which I can’t remember, and he just perks up, and asks “Are you gypsies?”
I think this is hilarious, and so I just casually reply “Yep”
“Oh same!”

I naturally think that he is taking the piss, so I just roll with it. He instigates this game of tag with the ball, where you pretty much just nail the other person with the ball. The only issue is that is just me and him playing. Needless to say, I kept giving him a quality flogging.

100% don’t feel bad about it at all.

His only means of winning is for him to repeatedly tell me that I didn’t hit him with the ball, when the fact that it ricocheted to a completely different direction than the direction I threw it, says otherwise.

He is definitely a Gypsy.

I know that if I just wait, he’ll give up and go get the ball.

He gives up.

He goes and gets the ball.

I get out to go to the sauna, and he starts yelling to me from across the pool, “Are yer gunnah leave meh?”
“Yeah mate”
“Why are yer gunnah leave meh?”

At this point, I just walked into the sauna. I’m not going to keep justifying my actions to a 10 year old Irish Gyspy named Neddy.

Not even joking.

We wrap up our shower, and find the family showering section, which has real showers you can get naked in. That is the way to go about it. We get very naked and shower together for the first time in literally 2 weeks.


We head to the mountains for the night, cook up some pork, and tuck in for some sleep. It was a good end to a pretty average day.


Come back for the next story,


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