The UK – Hello York

We’ve got Bri’s keys today.

Not like we headed out on the town or anything.

We only parked just outside the house.

We opted to sleep in the camper van instead of the couch for two reasons.

  1. We wanted to feel like we were getting our money’s worth out of the car.
  2. We wanted to feel like we were getting our money’s worth out of our sleeping bags.

Sure the couch, being inside and all would have been a lot warmer, but it also would have been a touch crammed with the both of us on the couch.

We designate a time to be up, and like all good hosts, Bri is up well before the both of us. We head up, do the whole ‘shower thing’, and get prepped for a day of exploring York. Just for those who are wondering, the ‘shower thing’ is the same as having a normal shower, except you add ‘thing’ to the end of the activity to make it sound more gooder.

We hold off on stuffing some brekky down our throats, in the promise of good cafe food for brunch, and head off with Bri as our tour guide.


First things first, we have to have a good coffee. I didn’t even have to mention it, and Bri is already aware of the travesty of that which is the british coffee culture. Britain’s lack of coffee culture is compensated by it’s overwhelmingly evident pub culture.

Bri has already found us the best places to have coffee, eat food and drink beer, even after church, she rekons. The guys at her church frequent the pub after the Sunday service.

How good is that?

I hope most british christians are like that. She was telling us that even on their camps, they have pubs that get to. That is friggin brilliant. If you were to do something like that in Kalgoorlie, you would instantly become a leppar. My kinda church camp. We step into this little Melbourne-ish cafe, where the bloke inside is pretty much a one-man band. His serviced is followed by apology after apology, but given the situation, he is going really well.


We tuck into the tasty cooked brekky, and down the surprisingly good coffees. Bri was right. This place do a pretty decent job. As with most popular cafes at the moment, they have got this whole rustic look going on, crossed with a slight undertone of steam punk.

We wrap up brunch, which, by admission, is Bri’s favourite meal of the day, and even Bec said that her favourite time of the day is 10. 10am and 10pm are both really good hours. Thats when good things tend to happen. I cant fault her on that.


We get moving with full bellies to see the rest of what York has to offer us. Bri leads us to the spot, which we have all seen before. I actually have a feeling that it was used in ‘A Knight’s Tale’, if not, it was a place super similar. I mean, it literally could be anywhere in the UK. But! This little street is called “The Shambles”. This is actually where the term ‘a shambles’ comes from! Who woulda thunk it?


All the buildings seem to have just sunken on one side, which has caused them to fall further and further into the path below. Nothing dangerous (at least not as yet), and makes the street super iconic. Its the sorta place that you wanna buy something just to say that you got something from The Shambles. We keep moving toward the Minster. Its funny hearing all these terms. I have only really heard ‘minster’ used in ‘Westminster’. So, for me, it sounds like an incomplete word.

Turns out that, no.

Minster is just another name for a church in England. Pretty much everybody else knows what it is except me. I’m ok with it. You see, it was at this point that I started to become skeptical of the claim that the Liverpool cathedral made. The York Minster seemed to be about the same size. We didn’t head inside because we would have had to pay for it, but it sure seemed as though it would have given Liverpool a run for it’s money.


Turns out that after a little research, that Liverpool Cathedral is actually 8th biggest, not THE biggest in Europe.

Porky pies, I tell ya.

We head around and we think that we will just head to evensong, and check out the Cathedral then. I mean, people sing dope songs and you get in for free. That sounds like a good deal to me. In the mean time, we just skirt the edges of the cathedral. Yet again, I am taken back by how massive and impressive the structure is.

The craftsmanship, again, is phenomenal. There is actually a stone mason situated just out the front of the Minster. Somehow, this allows them to get some more funding or something, but pretty much they are always doing works to the building.

We wander across the cobble stone roads and discover a discovery that was discovered a long time ago. So long ago, in fact, that there is an entire park and museum there now. For us, however, we discovered it of our own accidental accord, and therefore, it makes someone else’s discovery, our discovery. Not even Bri has found this park yet. Turns out that just casually in the back of the park, there are these ruins of this old building which was once a monastery or a nunnery of some description.


I mean, in Australia, we flip out when we come across a house that is more than 100 years old. They would have armed guards, police dogs, aerial surveillance and nasa guarding the site. These places are like over 1000 years old, and you can stand on them.

So, we stood on them.

Us destructively geared children, us.

I blame it on pent up frustration as a 2 month old.


Regardless, there was a perverted sense of accomplishment that comes with standing on ruins that have been there for years and house a decent amount of history. Call me a dick, but I’m a dick like that. Actually, I mean, its not like they are trying to protect it all too much. They have just got them in the middle of the park. They obviously don’t care all that much.

On another note, I 100% intend on chipping off a piece of a castle, and taking a photo to prove it, and then frame the image and the chip of the castle when I get home.



We celebrate the discovery of our park with ruins among them, but Bri has to head off to work. So, we split with her. As this is happening, my enthusiasm spikes, not because Bri is leaving us, but because I just spotted that we can walk along the top of the city wall!

For free!


We excitedly say goodbye to Bri (probably shouldn’t have been as excited as we were), and started our little tour of the city wall. This is amazing. I mean, these walls, once upon a time, were the reason that people were either going to stay alive, or stay dead. That is mental, and people would actually, I mean actually attack these places.



You can check out all the little rectangular slots that the archers were able to shoot through if need be. Turns out that York was actually attacked by the vikings back in 866. Just casually. They lost it only the year after, but still. Being that we walked walls that were actually attacked, defended and then defended again, is super cool. You don’t get to see that all to often, let alone, actually be around it.


We walk and explore, and pick up a little flower pot gift for Bri for looking after us while we have been in York. I have to say. So far, it has been my favourite english city. Its small enough that people know each other, but is big enough that it has enough big name shops and what not in the city. Its small enough that it doesn’t take long to get from point a to b, but big enough that you don’t feel like you’re living in your neighbour’s granny flat.


I do recommend York. Its a good spot.

Bec and I make the most of the time free in the afternoon to find a laundromat and get our clothes washed. Through a series of events, don’t get our clothes washed. Bri comes home from work, and we kindly ask her for a couple pounds in exchange for a drink to dry our clothes at a laundromat. The biggest issue is that someone has hacked our cards, and we can’t get cash out to actually use the machines.


To wrap up the events of the day, we decided to experience a proper York pub, and what better way than going to the older pub in York? It is over 350 years old. Not kidding. I probably sat where Richard the Lionheart and Shakespeare sat. Just casually.

It is marginally possible that I didn’t but for the sake of a good story, we did.

I am a bit of a pie connoisseur, if I may say so, myself, so I ordered the pie from a pub. I thought I was going to be disappointed. But I couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was a brilliant meal. Bec tucked into the Lasagne. She’d been mentioning it for the past little while, so this satisfied her perfectly. To do that for a chef is a good effort.


The drinks were cold.

The food was hot.

The night was brilliant.

We head home and watch a movie recommended by Bri, called “Moonrise Kingdom”. It’s a Wes Anderson movie, so if you are into something a little bit out of the ordinary, you should 100% watch it. Its a touch slow, but it also has Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and Bill Murray in the cast. So, needless to day, its got a good cast to it.

Pretty much this kid runs away with this chick, and it is all sorts of pubescent awkwardness through out the film. But the thing I love the most is that the kid who the story is about is a little messed up, a little bit of a runt, but still bold and the hero of the movie. Its cool to see for a change.

We head to bed.

York has been good to us.

Come back tomorrow,


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