London – All the Sights That One Could See

Today was going to be a highlight, enjoyable day in London before we both even knew it.
We went down the elevator across reception through 2 doors and down the twirling stairs to enter the breakfast room. There were Bain Maries full of cereals like all bran flakes and coco pops, cornflakes or muesli.

Jugs of yoghurt and cordial.

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, aaaaand boiled eggs.


Our Paddington Hostel in the building just to the right.

There were stacks of bread to go through the toaster.

We had our breakfast and then made our way to our local Paddington train station. Today we did the route to the city of London differently. Today we wanted to ride the double decker bus. Just over the road from the station we jumped on the double decker bus and sat up top up front at the window.

Such a highlight, felt like it was the best ride at the show. We took it all the way to Buckingham palace. And when we got there the guns were being shot into the air. The guard change was in order as we were arriving at the palace.


The men marched out of the palace, more marched in, others marched to other posts and then the horses with the men on the backs marched the streets. I felt like the queen should have been there.


My kinda dress up party


We wandered through the streets and Billy wanted to see the west minister abbey church. I got there and whispered to Billy, what’s so good about this church??? He says it’s where all the princes and princesses get married. I get awestruck and love sick.
I now want to go in! There were two entrances. One for the public @ £22 each or enter free to worship. I haven’t been to church in a week or so. I look at Billy, let’s go “worship”.

Welllllll little did we know what we were doing. Hahaha, you see the ladies in there said to sit and fill up the front first, so I take charge And sit in the front row in the middle.
Rookie error. Lucky we had a gentleman behind us who knew what to do and what was going on. We had a booklet of the order or service and reading and prayers and in bold was sentences we had to say.
It’s was the whole classical stand up and sit down, repeat after me and the bow the head and Criss cross over the heart. But it got funny when communion came. Now you didn’t have to participate but we thought why not? The lady usher told us to move to our right.
Umm ok…. where and what are we doing? The man behind us walks past us to the right and in front of us he kneels on the pads and put his hands in a cup formation over the pew, head bowed.


Billy and I fluff around until he got there to show us what we were doing, then we copy.
The father comes past and says something like “The body of Christ be with you”, and places the wafer in your hand then the other priest comes by and pours the cup of something with alcohol into your mouth while saying “The blood of Christ is with you”.
Then you cross your heart again and back to your seat where your suppose to be quiet ’til the priest says a prayer.

However first the priest must clean up the cups from wafer and wine…

He whoops down these wafers like it’s his last meal. One after the other like it’s a packet of chips getting every crush with him washing it down with the wine. Billy and I are just losing it. It made it even harder when you had to sit and be quiet. And keeping in mind we’re front row!

It reminded me of the time jodie and I were in church sitting together with my parents when we were little little and every time we looked at each other we would have a hysterical laugh. It went on for a good 10 mins until my dad dragged us out the front and told us off. He went back inside, jodie and I turn and looked at each other laugh again and head back inside. Such a fond memory I have.

Such funny moments can happen in churches. We wander through parts of the church that we can that have us free access to do so. I see the cafe in the church does tea and scones, little did i know it was going to be on my mind for the rest of the afternoon.
We wander the streets of London, and jump on and off busses, mostly to see places without having to walk in the cold. It’s been lovely.


We head closer to London, and come across a hat shop and quickly step in to have a look around. We try on a few different hats, and got the pleasure of meeting Ronnie, the hat guy. He was a real gentleman. We found out that the hats they make are all real fur, and can range from 50-240 pounds. But to be honest, it would be a life long investment for a good hat.


Writing down our hat sizes for us

Then I proceed to tell Billy I’d love to get tea and scones but no where I’ve seen does them apart for the cafe in the church which was overpriced. £6.50 for a pot of tea and a scone….. arhh no thanks. Billy jumps on Groupon, finds a wicked place 15 min train ride to a place that does afternoon tea for a steal.

We run to the train station And get there on time. The voucher is valid from 3:30pm, but you need to make a booking  day in advance. So, to ensure we get to enjoy our high tea, we inform the waitress that something has gone wrong with our booking. We wait ten minutes, which became 25 mins.


We have a look in the Wellcome (spelt correctly) reading room. It’s a library with old things. It must be currently themed on human bodies. It had An ancient X-ray machine that looked like a torture chamber and an old dental station. It had that famous man who dissects dead people live on tv, a slither of a human Bodie on display in a clear case. And it had giant fluffy duck down pillows on the red carpeted staircase. People just sleeping on them on the stairs.


We are called into the tea room.

We had a pot of tea each, 3 different finger sandwiches each, scones with jam and clotted cream, and caramel slices, brownies, cakes and tarts. All for £11!


This was what I needed and was looking for.

Devonshire tea and scones ☑️ Done!


After this we raced to the train station and went to Carltons place where we chatted and went for dinner. Carlton too us for a little walk through brick lane which we will go to again on our way home to oz, cos Sunday is the day to go. And we’re leaving London to head north this Friday. We did however get Salted beef bagels with hot English mustard and pickles.


It was soooo good.

A bit like the smoked meat sandwhich in Montreal. Just chunks of meat. More meat than bread. And I loved it.


The boys trying to get the plastic wrapping off the elevator doors

We went back to Carltons where we did a small stop at the grocer to get chicken wings, ingredients for bread and butter pudding, muffins chocolate and wine. Movie night was in order. Meet the Millers. Good funny movie with comfort food for a cold day in London. Carlton also took us to the rooftop of his apartment on the 19th level. Unfortunately it was foggy tonight and couldn’t see far but apparently even long term Londoners say it’s the best view in London. You can see the city and all. We will come back to see it another day.


Oh and there is a local kitty cat that lives at reception in his building. Misty was the name of this Cute kitty.


We left at 12:15am to catch the last train 12:20am back to our hostel.

It had been the perfect relaxed day, filled with things one should do in London.



Come back tomorrow,


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