London – Hello London

So, our day kinda just rolls on from the day before, where we didn’t sleep, while we waited for Keflavik airport to welcome us into it’s bosom again.

We leave the hotel that we stayed at (by stayed at, I mean stay in it’s lobby and had free breakfast, cos the bloke was a lad), and cross the car park to board the plane. It kinda just snuck up on us. One minute, we were chilling in the living room, next minute, we had an hour left till the check in time, and I was exporting the photos I was editing.

We board the flight, and as polite as I try to be, I just pass out and sleep straight.

Bec, however, for some ungodly reason does not.

I can’t remember why.


Needless to say, when we arrived in Gatwick, she was trashed. Our number one goal was to get to our accommodation and just sleep. We jumped on the tube, and we watched the scenery change as we got closer to our accommodation. As we got closer, Bec and I both said to each other how we wish we had split our time in NYC more with London.

“I think I am really going to like London”, Bec turns to see whether my facial expressions are going to meet hers.

They pretty much do. I’m really liking the look and feel of London so far, and I am looking forward to seeing the city. We get off at Tooting Broadway, at our hostel-thing that Bec booked. Luckily, the cleaning lady was there to let us in, otherwise we would have been up the creek without a paddle. She was super nice, and showed us to our room, and since we were there at about 11am, nothing was ready.


We offered to just go for a coffee and come back in an hour. She gave us the keys we needed, and off we went.


We head back to the station and you can tell that London is a real melting pot. Luckily, the sun is out, which means that everyone is out. Its quite cool to see. People being introduced to mate’s mate’s beside us, tables of people in the windows lapping up the sun, while still sheltered from the wind.


Those Iconic double decker busses passing so many times in a matter of minutes.

One thing you notice really really quickly is insane Britain’s public transport is. The tube will come every few minutes, and busses are available in the masses. It is hectic. Amazing, but hectic.


We finish our coffees and head back to the hostel to catch up on our much needed sleep.

We feel like we have just been plonked in the middle of British suburbia. Its brilliant. Just like with NYC, all the movies and TV shows you see, all set in these British suburbs are just how you imagine.


We swing into an optometrist to tighten Bec’s glasses, and I try on glasses that make men feel like boys. We have our fun. Bec laughs. Mission successful.


We wander to our momentary home.

We feel like we are at home.

We have a feeling as though we are going to like London.

Right now, though? We feel like we are really going to like sleeping. I blog for a bit, Bec sleeps. We end up sleeping.


Come back tomorrow,
















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