Iceland to London – Goodbye Iceland

So, surprisingly, today, I didn’t take any photos.

There have been a few days like this on our trip so far, but I have been able to harvest something usually, in this instance, no.

So, I’ll give you the short synopsis of the day.

We woke up late.


Not surprised. We are on holiday, so we can do what we want.

Pretty much we are just packing up our gear, cleaning the house and returning the car before we head to the airport. Our flight leaves in the morning, and we don’t really wanna have to fork out for another day’s hire of the car, so we just decide to sleep at the airport. I mean, its nothing that we haven’t done before right? I mean, everyone has to do a dodgy stay at an airport. This is what we did.

Except that the airport is closed to the public from 9pm to 5am.

And a cab to the nearest town (5 mins drive at most) cost us a cool $34 aud.


What are we doing with out lives in Australia right? We should be cabbies in Iceland, and then just retire before 25, and I mean properly retire too.

Cuvee 500 and caviar kinda retiring.

Needless to say, we dont pay for another cab. We remember that there is a shuttle bus that leaves every few minutes to the car hire places, and there are a few of them that are 24 hours. We are more than ok with abusing the free coffee, originally intended for the customers. We don’t mind in the slightest.

Bec, however has a stroke of genius, and proposes that we should head to the airport hotel and see if we can crash in their lobby. We battle rain and gale force winds to reach the hotel. We hit the bloke up, and he really couldn’t care less. He just tells us to buy something. Doesn’t matter what it is, so that if his manager (who is knocking off in the next half hour) asks, then you’re sweet.

We tuck in for the rest of the night.

Neither of us sleep.

I’ve got work to do, and I have to edit a heap of photos for an underwater photography project that I started shooting a few months back. This literally keeps me going all night, and it isn’t until we have 1 hour to be at the airport, that I am exporting the final images. It seriously took that long.

Totally worth it though.

The winds too!

My god!

We looked at each other multiple times, with that “bloody hell” look in our eyes. I have honestly never experienced wind like that before. It was hectic. We were really happy that we were in the warm. The night porter was hilarious too. He didn’t really say anything to us. He just went about his business, which also included sleeping on the couch in the hotel lobby until someone needed his attention.

No joke.

He just laid down and went to sleep, and when someone would come down the stairs, we would get up, rub his face in a futile effort to make himself look like he wasn’t just asleep. We likes him though. Good lad.

Come morning time, he tells us to help ourselves to breakfast. Bec asks how much it is gonna set us back. Knowing Iceland, I am expecting to have to amputate a limb, but in a strange turn of events, its free. So, Bec and I go hard. Eggs, Bacon, Donuts. The whole lot. Totally worth every free penny.

That was pretty much our day. Nothing eventful, but eventful in it’s own way.

We didn’t sleep. We were tired, and our next day had begun.

Sorry for such a short post dudes.


Come back tomorrow,



Here are some of the pics that I was working on all night 🙂


3 thoughts on “Iceland to London – Goodbye Iceland

  1. Hi my beautiful darling grandchildren. I have finally caught up with your blog. How wonderful it all looks. What an absolutely brilliant time you are having and we are priveleged to join you on a regular basis. Thanks so much. The photos are amazing and your commentary is amusing and informative. You have been blessed with most of your accommodation and the people you have met. I look forward to your next update. Love you guys….Nan


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