Iceland – Reykjavik and Mates

So, Damo, Micky and their two mates, Gaz and Tory are down south and have been for the past week or so.

Their last day is today, so they are headed up to Reykjavik to see the city. This is one of the last times that Bec and I are going to be able to see Micky and Damo for quite some time, so we want to make the most of being able to hang out with them.

They are seeing this crater on the way back from their place, which is about an hour away from where we are.

By the time they’re checked out and get to our place, it is around midday.

This is not a bad thing at all.

Bec and I were able to recover on some much needed sleep. We slept so sound, its not even funny. Bec, however, does everything she can think of doing and decides to take the dog for a walk. While she’s out, the I notice that the cloud cover is getting heavier. Having spent a little bit of time in Canada, I got to pick snow clouds a little bit better.

These were obvious.

I though Melbourne was bad with it’s changing weather. It has got nothing on Iceland. Within a matter of minutes, snow was falling, and falling hard. I’m beginning to think that if it continues to get heavier, I might just jump in the car and go grab her. Its not the sort of weather you want to be walking around in. Only a minute or so later, and Bec is back at the door.


“That just came out of nowhere. I though I might be able to walk around the block, but it was too heavy hey”.

We hang around home a little longer, and the Bec sees the guys pull up, below, waving at them from the second story. We quickly show them where we are staying, officially introduce ourselves to each other and head into the city to check out the place. We are gob smacked by the scenery. Straight across the bay is this massive mountain range. The city just sits in it’s shadow. The city amounts to nothing in comparison, and it never leaves. Everywhere you look, you are smacked in the face with this rugged mountain range. It’s grand.

Reykjavik, however, has 3 sights to see.

And then you’re done in Reykjavik.



The first one is the church. Very funky shape, and very iconic. You’ll see pictures floating around online pretty easily. The four of us a kicking it down in the courtyard out the front and we spot people up the top of the tower. Naturally, we want to be at the top of the tower, so we head inside to see if we can shoot up.

We jump in the queue, and everyone else seems to have tickets.

This is not a good thing.


We find out that the tickets are 900 Krona. The exchange rate is 84 Krona/1 Aud. Just to head up a tower and have a look around? Nah. Not good enough. We are literally the next elevator ride away from making it up, and the chick comes through and does the whole ticket thing.

Damn it.

Damo and I abort our mission.

Bec spots some stairs around the corner. There is a wire cable blocking it off. I’ve had more durable barriers try and stop me before. Damo says to me “Everyone looks like a security guard mate”, I’m thinking, “Ahh. Foreign land paranoia setting in…”. But, then to my dismay, everyone did start looking like security guards. I’ve also noticed that a fair few places in Iceland don’t seem to have a uniform.

I look over, after assessing the situation, and Damo is already knee-deep in bartering with the chick who seems to be running the show here, trying to score us free tickets to the tower. She’s polite, but not budging, and the drops the bomb that we were nearly in, before she came around to the elevator. We’re gutted.


Arranging us a private tour

To ease the pain, though, she offers to take us upstairs and show us behind the scenes. Its cool and all, but its no tower. I mean, she is being nice and appeasing our desire for tourist attractions that we don’t have to pay for, so we don’t act like knobs. I mean, we still push the boundaries a little, but respectfully.

We finish seeing the nativity scene (?) and the epic lego model of the church that was hiding upstairs, and make our way back down. People had assumed that because the stairs were barrier-less, they were allow up.


They weren’t.

It was a private tour.

We head down, and unbekown to Bec and I, there is this world famous hotdog joint somewhere in Reykjavik. So, this is our next destination. I mean, the guys had already set this in their minds. Bec and I were only just finding out about it now. We walk past some punter who gives us rough directions, and so we figure since it is world known, it shouldn’t be too hard to find.


We are walking down the street, and we see this little hole-in-the-wall spot. It looks like the sort of thing that would be unassumingly, world famous. We ask the bloke if this is the famous one, and he proceeds to begin nodding at us, only to be interrupted by some bloke walking past, who so kindly tells us, “Thats not the famous one”.

We all crack up.

Ol’ mate got gyped.

We all walk away.

The famous hot dog rip-off joint looses.

None of us feel bad.

We keep heading in the direction of the tourists’ instructions, until we find another stand-like thing. We ask the chick inside if this is the famous one. “No, but it is exactly the same as what you will get there”. Damo has been asking the questions at this point. You can tell that this is her life every day.

Damo’s next question is, “Is this your business?”, to which she replies “yes”.


The group decides that the best thing to do is to try both of them. Have one here and then one at the famous spot. Bec and I decide to save our pennies for the better spot. Gaz and Tory, and Micky and Damo grab one per couple. We are met with “oh. This is good” repeatedly. We stick to our guns. I’m all for experimenting, but we are on a bit of a budget, so we hold off.

The guys down their snags and we mish it to the big boy hot dog stand.


We arrive, and these guys are pro at hotdog making (if such a profession exists). You can tell this isn’t their first time at the rodeo. We order our hotdog, and its pretty good, but not mind blowing. Maybe if you weren’t expecting anything and kinda just stumbled across it, it would blow your mind, but high expectations = downgrade in delivering expectations. All the other guys are telling us how good the first one was.



We ask the chick behind the counter what else we have to see in Reykjavik. She lists 3 things. We’ve seen two of them already, the last one is this funky performing building that Reykjavik sports. Its got a nice view of the bay. Needless to say, Iceland’s impressiveness isn’t in it’s man-made sights. It’s definitely in the raw natural beauty.


Gaz’s model pose

Its getting darker and its starting to snow, so we do a quick run to the bottle shop, pick up a heap of beers and head back to the guy’s apartment for a night of chill and games. No need to chuck the beers in the fridge. We just leave them outside in the snow. Best solution ever.


The beers flow.

Cards are played.

Stories are shared.

Ladies reminisce over their weddings together.

The guys struggle to battle the decibels.

10/10 good night.


We head home and have to barricade the bedroom door from the dog, because it knows how to open doors. Not ideal.


Come back tomorrow,





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