NYC – Day In, Day Off

So, today, we decided to sit inside, snuggle and watch movies all day.

10/10 worth it.

We needed a bit of a sit back and relax day too hey.

We literally just binge on movies all day, and slept when we felt like it. Perfect day.


In the arvo, though, we decided to head over Brooklyn way to check out this spot you can get a wicked view of Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge in one shot. Of course I was interested in this, and Andrew has been our local hook up while we have been in NYC.


Best view out.

He is a legend.

I wanted to get an areial view of the bridge, but the dudes manning the entry wouldn’t let me up cos some guy got thrown off the roof a few years back. Fair enough, I guess. Whatever. Still got my mad shot.


Again, we are littered with Joe’s *insert anything that could be an eatery or pub*, everywhere we look. Its insane. I dont know who Joe is, but he has pretty much got America by the balls.


Oh, and on the way back, we walked past this caravan, which looked remarkably like a movie set van. It was. They were filming this spin off show from the Black List just around the corner. Pretty much awesome.


We walked through the streets till we reached our place (Andrew’s place) again.


Exploring SOHO is the way to go.

I didn’t know this, but SOHO stands for south of houston. NYC does heaps of little abbreviations for suburbs, depending on it’s location. For instance, NOHO is north of Houston.


Sorry to disappoint, but thats all I’ve got for today.


Come back tomorrow,



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