NYC – Take 2

We were up pretty late last night.

We finally got to meet Andrew.

We got in touch with him through Couchsurfing. This time, we weren’t so delayed. We don’t want to revisit the Washington Airbnb experience, if we can avoid it.

He’s super laid back. His opening line is “You guys seem like my kinda people”.

Legend already.

We get talking with him much later than we really should, but we do anyway.

Come the morning, though, we were expecting to have got up a lot earlier than we did. We don’t have much time left in NYC, so we want to make the most of it.

We ended up waking at the ripe hour of 9am. Not too bad. We usually get out and about at either early arvo, or early morning. This is this weird kinda of in between stage. Andrew is up, so we just chat with him about what we should do.

First things first, we decide that washing is in order. Pretty much everyone in Manhattan will just drop their clothes off to a laundromat, who will wash and fold for you and you can just pick them up on the way back. Being that we don’t have a key, one of us has to stay behind, while the other goes and finds somewhere to wash the clothes.

By the time I leave, it is about 10:30.

I walk for over an hour from one laundromat to another until I finally reach a self serve laundromat. Its insane. For a place that thrives on Laundromats, there really aren’t any self selves ones anywhere. The issue I found was in the ‘self serve’ part of the description. I found heaps of places, and was referred to heaps of places. But none of them were self service, and I wasn’t about to pay $25 to have my clothes washed when I could do it for under $10.

When I finally hook into some wifi, even Bec is surprised that it has taken me this long. She’s 100% going stir crazy, and all I can do is sit and read. 10/10 not ideal.

I stuff all the clothes into the bag, and lug them a good 15 min walk back to the place we are staying.


We decide that we should tuck into some lunch. By the time we find somewhere it is nearly 2:30 in the arvo. I really don’t care where we eat. It’s funny, for me, eating is a task to complete so that we can continue to enjoy the sights that NYC has to offer. For Bec, eating is a part of the seeing the sights of NYC.

I often get irritated when I feel like we are walking around, in my mind wasting time, when we could just go a shop and spend $5, make some cheap sammys and be on our way. To combat this, Bec is just gonna walk till we decide on something, and I take my mind off food, by taking photos. Everybody wins.


It doesn’t take us long to find a tidy little dumpling place, where we settle in for the arvo. We get a variety of dumplings, and I have to say that the fried dumplings are by far the way to go.

We’re there long enough to see a few waves of people eating.

We are met, first off by these two late teen girls. I cry inside. It’s painful to even be in the same room as them, let along the table next to them. They finish their dinner date with the shallowest of compliments, “You are totally like in my top 5 friends, but now you are totally my best friend”, to which the other friend, replied, “Oh! You are always in my top 5 friends, and you are totally my best friend”. I would love to check in with them in 3 months to see how they’re going.


Annoying of the highest order.

We have an asian family who don’t know hot to turn the sound track off their games. Everybody in the sitting area knows the loop of the sound track within a few mins. They don’t socialise much.

Thats ok.

We spy one of the staff members shamelessly falling asleep at the table. Good on you, I say. New York is brilliant. People just do that they want.


By the time we finish playing cards and chatting about the things we want to chat about, we have got enough time to start making our way comfortably to our reservation tonight.

After the hiccup with Damo’s ID, Bec and I bought the voucher off Allison and decided to make a night of it, among the NYC skyline. We make sure we didn’t have the same thing happen, as we did with Damo, so we walk into the building, armed with ID. The guard couldn’t care less. He just gave us a wink and a nod, and in we went. We kinda had a feeling that it would be the case.

You have a clear view of the Empire State building and everything from up there. Its pretty cool. Bit pricey, but an amazing view. Worth at least doing once. We meet a few locals, while sitting in a heated igloo-thing. We bounced in and out of conversation with those who dared come and ask whether they were able to join us in our super cool dome. Once we decided that we were done making friends and having conversations with people that were kinda going nowhere, we headed out to the seats with the heaters.

We got chatting with these guys from California. Super cool hey. His name was David, and his Girlfriend’s name was a latin name that I didn’t want to ask for the 3rd time about, for fear of being a retard.


I mean, I can only really play the foreigner card so many times before it’s been milked. They were a super cool bunch of people, and before we knew it, we were late to meet Andrew back at his place. He was getting back around 10:45, we had a 15 min walk ahead of us, and it was 11:05 by the time we left. Not ideal. But, what was ideal was meeting new people. This is what Bec and I said we wanted to make this trip about. We didn’t just want to do all the things just because.

I mean, in our time up there, we had explained our story 3 different times. It was cool, and its even cooler when it pays off and you get some really interesting people to chat with. These guys were lively, funny, and certainly ended the night on a good note. California, I dare say, largely because of  these guys is now on my list.

Oh, and they have got a bar that they frequent, called the Gold Room, which is a dingy little place the they frequent. I then proceeded to laugh, as I told them about the Gold Bar back in Kalgoorlie. It was destined to be.

We head home, and make Andrew stay up way later than even he knows he should.

He is a musician, and so he is usually out late anyways, either practicing for gigs, or having his father destroy him in the gym. He tells us that his dad has been getting up at 5 am for the past 25 years, going to the gym, doing a 12 hour day, and coming home to sleep.


Naturally, being that Andrew is a Jazz muso, who has been in Jazz for the past 16 years, we want to know what music he likes, and he hooks us up like a true G. Check out Vulfpeck. SUUUUUPER groovy tunes hey. You won’t regret it.

He’s off to sleep, and for the first time in his couch surfing history, he gives us the key to his apartment.

Very odd feeling to have someone trust you that much, but it is a super cool feeling too.

Thats it for today.

Come back tomorrow,



2 thoughts on “NYC – Take 2

  1. This blog is amazing. You are such a gifted story teller/observer and photographer! (and your muse is very beautiful, which helps, too! (bec)!)


    1. Haha. You’re the best Julia! I think I might keep her hey 😉 I’ll send through the rest of the pics of you and Quinn for you to download and keep for yourself 🙂


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