Orangeville – Today, I Just Went For a Walk

The air is crisp, but not cold enough to cause pain or anything, its just fresh.

This week, the temperature has hit a high of 3 degrees, which is odd to be able to say, coming from a guy who grew up in a town where it would frequent 40 degrees throughout summer. But this time Bec and I don’t really have a choice. We have been thrown right in the deep end with the cold winter.

Where we are staying is about an hour out of Toronto, and is situated up in the hills, so naturally, its way colder up in the hills. So much so, that while we were up in Montreal, there was a blizzard that swept through Orangeville. It was that bad that some of the main roads were shut off. The schools told the kids to stay at home. It was mental. Orangeville is a town of 30,000 people just to put it in perspective. Its just a handful of people living in this community.

Today was another day of just kicking back and doing sweet nothing.

And as per usual, it was worth it.

We kinda just read books, organised christmas and I went for a walk. It was great. I know it sounds absurd, being that we are in a completely different country on the other side of the planet, but this is actually how I love spending my time. Yeah, I love to go out and meet new people and I’m pretty partial to a mad good party, but I dearly love doing nothing from time to time. This week has been littered with such days.

Late starts, vegging on the couch, movies and the sort. But, this time next week, we are going to be in the thick on NYC, and I have no doubt that it is going to be a whole new level of epic.

So today, after I finish yesterday’s blog, I decided that I would go for a wander.

And that is what I did.


Bec’s day consisted of reading, while mine was walking.

Just opposite Drew & Jen’s place is a school, and just behind that is a (now) shin-deep snowy field. If you can keep your shoes from getting hideously wet while trudging through the snow, then there is a road you can cross at the end of that field, to which you are greeted by a mammoth retirement home.

This thing looks like the sorta place that they are going to film a horror movie in, in 30 years time. Its massive, and it’s the prime location for some sort of international paintball competition. Seriously.

But! I haven’t come to admire the architecture of a building which is destined to inhabit ghosts, rather, there is this walk through the Canadian bush which is just behind that institution. The cool thing is that the bushland is in the middle of a town.

Like, you wouldn’t guess it hey. You just drive past it, and you wouldn’t even know it was there if you weren’t looking for it. It is this little patch of earth where we haven’t got rid of all the plant life and have just got a path that runs through the forestry, met by a handful of park benches from time to time.

Its the best spot to just kick back and stop doing anything for a little while. I dunno about you, but I certainly am one of those guys who gets caught up in life and doing everything that I think needs to be done, that when I actually stop and take these moments to calm my mind from running around and can just switch my brain off for a little while, that I leave those times feeling rejuvenated.


Still reading

I mean, it doesn’t have to be a long time. In this case, I just found myself a bench, cleared the snow that remained off it, and sat just thinking and chatting with myself for about 45 mins. That was more than enough time to just get my head in the right space again hey. I find that I can be one of those guys who is so aware of where I want to be heading, that unless I commit my every passing moment to that, then I won’t be reaching where I should be reaching in myself and my goals.

The crazy thing is that I know that I’ll still get there eventually, but its almost a self reassurance that I’m not leaving anything to chance. That I’m in control of where I am headed and if it all turns sour, then its on me, and not anyone else. I don’t really like the idea that I am at the mercies of someone else.

So, for me, these times where I find a bit of bush and just sit and watch, are my lifeline. Every time I do it, I think to myself “I need to do more of this”. Every single time, it doesn’t matter how long that ‘stop and chill’ time is, I feel like I’ve kinda just gifted myself more clarity.


And sometimes I pray, sometimes I just look at the trees, sometimes I try and build trust with an animal that has never trusted a human before, knowing full well that if I do get it’s trust, I’m gonna destroy it by trying to catch it. But thats how I relax some times.

So, I walk through the field, and lucky for me, Bec found us some water proof, hike proof, life proof, shoes, so the only time my feet get wet is when I do something retarded and snow decides to make itself at home inside my shoes, and most of the time, inside my socks also. Those times are very nice. Despite the shin-deep snow, the shoes held up just fine. Which I am going to credit to immaculate lace-tying abilities. Oh yeah. You haven’t seen anyone tie laces like I tie laces.

I tie them in a way that my shoes don’t come off.


Get a load of that.

Anyways, my immaculate lace tying abilities were no match for the highway though. You see, I’ve always know surface level to be hard ground. I’m pretty good now, having nearly spent a month in Canada, but I still have a few mishaps, like today. So, I get to the road, just before you hit the retirement building, and there is a big road in front. Not really a highway, but not far off.

When the snow falls, the snow has to be pushed off the highway right? So where does it get pushed? Off the side of the roads of course. This is so the snow can melt without melting on the road right?




It just stays at this perfect snow-preservation temperature for months. So, what you are left with is bulk amounts of snow that get pushed off the edge of the road and piled on top of each other again and again and again. So, get this. I am walking along, and I’ve been walking the shin-deep snow for around 5-10 mins. I reach the road, and my mind doesn’t care to process that this snow may be considerably deeper than the other times I have walked through such snow.

I take one giant step forward, and I am saved only by my torso falling into the snow in front of me, and my crotch crushing enough snow to form a miniature failsafe. You see, what I didn’t know was that under the snow, the ground dropped right off and fell into a miniature canyon. I’m assuming that it is so the water has somewhere to go once the snow finally melts, but as I was about to find out, it wasn’t really the sort of thing that you want to try wading through.

Once I had crossed the road and reached the yet-to-be paintball arena, even finding the path was a headache. There was snow everywhere, and there was a sign that politely informed us that they don’t take any initiatives to maintain the path from snow or ice over the winter. I dunno about you, but this path is about 10m from the rear entries of this facility. There are a lot of old people in this facility. I would think that it would be in their best interest to make sure that the path is maintained.


Avoiding the paps

Maybe the old people just hibernate for the winter too.

That’s probably a safer option.

Anyways, I finally find myself a bench that isn’t completely covered in snow, brush it off and enjoy my alone time. And to be honest, thats about the highlight of my day. Oh, that, and when I was talking with Jen, she was telling us about her Aunt Pat, who cant for the life oh her understand Drew’s accent.

So, we are kinda screwed.

We’ve been warned that she’ll scrunch her nose up, squint and repeat, “Sawree?!”, and then turn to her partner and proclaim “I can’t understand him”. It seems absurd. I can’t say I have met an Canadian, or American who outright cant understand what we say. I mean, yeah sure, there are sayings that don’t make sense to other cultures, but not being able to understand entire sentences is a whole new experience. We’ll be meeting her over christmas, and Oh My God… I am going to have a lot of fun with this.

Anyways, another uneventful day.

Don’t even feel bad.


Come Back Tomorrow,







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