Orangeville – The Saddest Gingerbread House You’ve Ever Seen

So, today, Jen is starting work at 7am.

We get up at 6 to give ourselves enough time to get ready for the day.

Jen works semi-part/full time at this place called Michaels. Its pretty much a one stop craft shop. Everything you would need to create anything crafty is right here. From framing, to scrapbooking, to fake flowers, all kinds of paper and ribbons etc. You get the idea. Its actually not a bad shop at all hey.

We trudge through the bitter cold morning air and pile into the car. The car heater can’t get hot fast enough. We head to Jen’s work and its like send a kid off to school. We’ll be back in an hour or so when the shops open, so we just have to occupy ourselves till 8. We head to this little coffee shop called Mochaberry Coffee & Co. Its the best way to start the day. We order our coffees and chat about life.

As odd as it sounds, even though we were on holiday, its been really good to be able to just stop and chat. Obviously, yeah we are hanging out a lot of the time and were are chatting alot. But it was really good to have intentional one on one time with Bec and just talk about life. We got chatting about where we see ourselves heading once we get back to Kal. The longer I spend married, the more I realise how important times like these are. We’ve both been going on this adventure and naturally, your mind wanders throughout the time and you imagine what things will look like when you get home, and so we both conjure up mental images of what we think life will look like after the trip is over.


Mochaberry & Chill

For us both to intentionally be able to get it out of our heads and into the open space between us was invaluable. It was one of those times when you get to know your partner that little bit better and there’s that kinda intimacy that is built between the two of you where your hearts and minds are aligned and you’re both on the same path. Its a really really cool feeling.

So, we chat and exchange life for an hour or so, and we wander back over to Michaels at around 8:30. Jen knocks off at 10, so we figure we’ll just occupy ourselves till she is finished.

Bec has come up with some stellar ideas for christmas gifts for the extend fam. We (pretty much just Bec) are gonna make sleighs out of chocolates and lollies for Jamie’s (Jen’s brother), a christmas tree made out of chocolate balls for Jamie and his partner, and a champagne bottle lined with yellow chocolates in the shape of a pineapple for Jen’s Aunt. So, that is our morning. We spend our time running around Michael’s collecting all the necessary items to be able to create our creations.

Through out the whole time, Jen keeps introducing us to her colleagues as “My people” haha. Its great. I don’t object at all. Its kinda funny to be a novelty. I like it.


Beginning construction

We get everything we need through a series of unnecessary trips back forth from one side of the shop to the other, and Jen has knocked off. Jen is a bit of a freak when it comes to work, so she finishes this shift to then go home and start her contract typist work. Its mental hey. She will be at this for the rest of the day for sure.

Bec and I drop her off and take in the stuff from Michaels, but now we gotta go back out and collect all the sweet stuff we need for the gifts. We head to Bulk Barn, which has EVERY possible tasty item that you can put in your mouth, but in bulk. You just scoop up however much you need.

We load up and now its time to put the rubber to the road.


Taking over the table

We get home and begin construction. I cant really elaborate on what I am making, because I know certain eyes read this blog, and I cant disclose all the good stuff just yet. Bec rushes ahead and nails her ideas right on the head. Admittedly, mine is a little more fiddly, but it takes me ages. By the time she is done, I’m only half done. She’s always been really crafty, and she friggin nails her ideas perfectly. Mine usually come out a little deformed, but whatever. Its the thought that counts, or something like that.


The “We’re working” face

The pineapple, looks just like a pineapple, and the choccy chrissy tree looks the part too. Were short on some chocolates though, so I have to duck out and get some more. The afternoon has been pretty much taken up with this, and that is totally ok. Its been a great way to spend the afternoon, and to be honest, I don’t mind getting a little crafty every now and then.

I’m sitting upstairs doing my thing, and Bec comes to be and says, “Babe, Jen wants to know what you want to do with the igloo. Are you going to decorate it, or get rid of it?”. I didn’t really wanna get rid of it, but I could not be assed finishing it. I think that I better just get it out the way and have it done with, so I head down and get the decorating gear out. I follow the edge of the igloo, starting from the bottom. It looks ok, but there are these nasty runs, so the size of the bricks is a little random, but at least its decorated.

I continue this all the way up to the top of the igloo, and it still looks like rat. I mean, it looks better, but its no gingerbread house. The suggestion is made that there should be a chimney, so I construct this chimney out of marshmallows, and poke a skewer through the top so that I can make some little puffs of smoke from the top of the chimney.

How did it pan out?

Yeah, it looks like and igloo. But an igloo in Boulder, and I’m not talking Burt st, I mean like the bum end of King st. That kinda Boulder igloo. It’s not great, but I’ll tell you what is great. Finishing my bloody igloo and never having to worry about that again. That feels bloody amazing.


The gingerbread igloo.

Bec and Jen decorate the reindeer rice puff popsicle things, and as per usual, they look amazing. Bec is just a freak in the kitchen hey. Drew and Jen are starting to not like the idea of Bec leaving soon. They’re not fussed if I go, I mean, I just do the dishes, but Bec makes the food. They’re just not liking the idea of 10/10 meals on a nightly basis.

Most of the first mouthfuls at dinner are greeted with “Oh man…” followed by a look sent Bec’s way that says both “Thank you”, and “Oh please don’t leave” at the same time.

But too bad. She’s my wife, so ner.

Thats about it.


Come back tomorrow,




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    Check your fairphotographer email. Should be one from Nan and me.


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