Orangeville – Iguanas & Chameleons

So, its snowing.

Were in Canada.

Not the place to find exotic rainforest animals you might say? Well, I would assume the same thing, that is until Bec came across an reptile shop on her way into Orangeville yesterday. This is CRAZY. We get our lives sorted and head into see the rest of Orangeville right?


I’m dead keen to see these things. Its near impossible to see these kinda things in Australia, let along be able to have one as a pet. We rock into the shop and get talking with Justin, who actually was a zookeeper and now rescues reptiles around the region. He’s telling us about the Iguana, and naturally, because we can, I ask him if we can hold it.

“Oh yeah man. He goes to birthday parties and everything. You guys should have been here yesterday too. I had a few parties on, so I had my Boa in here also”…

Bruh… Justin is the friend everybody needs in life. I’m there. Were over at the cage, he pulls out the beast, and it is amazing! He feels all scaly and like a bumpy fish with legs. Justin points out these heavier scales just behind his neck. This is the spot that all the predators go for. It pretty much just feels like studs on a sad piece of goth jewellery, but cooler.


The fattest dragon that ever there was

Our mate the Iguana makes his way back home, and Bec spots a Chameleon. Were all just standing around the cage chatting about reptiles and such, and naturally, the question arises..

“Soo…. Can I touch it?” I really wanted to ask if I could hold it, but I didn’t want to take too many liberties. The chick is like “Yeah for sure”, so she gets him out and tries to coax him into eating a worm for us. The Chameleon is half convinced that he wants to eat, but he’s really not sure yet. He’s eyeing it off with one eye, while trying to sus us out with the other eye. Its pretty gnarly.


Trying to convince himself to eat the bloody worm

It doesn’t matter how many times we try to convince him that this is what he actually wants to eat, he wont have a bar of it. Friggin punk. The chick is holding the worm ages away from the chameleon, and I say “Will he be able to get it from back there?”, and Justin says “Oh yeah. For sure. Their tongue is the longest in the animal world”
“Yeah for their relative size. It goes from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail”


Crosseyed all the time

I am loving this place and this guy more and more. Our Chameleon mate wont have a bar of it. We put him back. I pat him. Its awesome.

I get hold of his contact details, and you guys should check out his social media stuff. Its pretty much awesome.

We make our move and head back into Orangeville to explore the rest of the centre of town. We park up and head into the Salvos to see if we ca find a toboggan. We don’t necessarily find a toboggan. But, I think we may have found something better. These things are like seats with a stick. They are perfect.

We are mad pumped for this. Since we landed, we have been trying to get our hands on a toboggan. We have been eyeing off some perfect hills, but I don’t fancy rolling down them. We need something to destroy these hills with, and finally we have found such a device.

I am a happy man.
Bec is a happy woman.
We are a happy couple.
This is real life.

We grab our snow-seats, and lob them in the boot for a more hill-appropriate time.

Its been snowing all day again, and as per usual, we love it. Everybody else hates it, but I don’t care. I feel good about myself.

We wander the streets and come across this little chocolateria, which is owned by a lovely lady. A lovely lady who finds out that were from Australia. A lady who has family in Australia. A lady who tells us everything she knows about Australia. She’s super nice.

You know what? The only thing I find hard with Canada is trying to work out when you should end a conversation. I dug myself a hole that I had no idea how to get out of. I mean, they kinda like have a yarn with us, which is awesome, but I don’t know whether the same depth of conversation is gifted to everyone. Nonetheless, this is becoming a super regular thing, and I haven’t worked the trick out yet.


The only thing I can think of is to start talking about really obscenely weird topics with them, so that I’m not the one who wants to end the chat. I haven’t employed this just yet, but I will let you know when I do.

We make our way home and I can see that the snow has lifted the elevation of the driveway is a fair bit higher than before. I think that it is my turn to shovel the snow. I plot our my shovelling strategy and get shovelling. I then decide to change me strategy and keep shovelling. I then decide to alter my strategy and keep shovelling. I then realise that there is no easy way to shovel bulk snow. I then just shovel. It takes a good half hour or more to shovel the necessary snow.


The snow is done.
I am done.
It is pizza time.

When I say pizza time, I don’t just mean dominos. This stuff is massive. Half a ‘za, and you’re pretty chockers already. I mean, they don’t look that much bigger in the box, but once you’re holding one in your hand and you realise that it is about as wide as your hand is, you have a whole new level of respect for big & quality pizzas. Its a whole new level.

We eat and be merry.

We drink Chartreuse and talk and the world is a beautiful place.


Come Back Tomorrow,



3 thoughts on “Orangeville – Iguanas & Chameleons

  1. I miss you and want to hold you in my arms. Not Bec. But you….and maybe the chameleon. Yes. And the chameleon. I now want a chameleon. Now I’ve typed the word chameleon a few times, my phones auto correct is still struggling with this word. I don’t care. It’s holding me back in life. We will dance again someday.


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