Orangeville – Our Encounter With Passive-Aggressive Canada


I’m going to be honest, today wasn’t that exciting. Sorry to disappoint.

We started the day by doing some research into where we wanted to go Snowboarding. Its a place in Serbia called Kopaonik. It has 55km of slopes, the lift pass only costs $150 for the week, the 4 hr bus ride from the capital city costs only $15 and our accommodation is $300 for the week. Not too bloody bad.

I am liking the sound of Serbia more and more.

Our thoughts are that we will get to either Hungary or Croatia or something like that, and just bus it down to Belgrade, then to the mountain. Its looking like a solid plan.

We pretty much do that for the morning and then we are off. We wanna go check out the town and what the little area has to offer in the town itself. Bec goes ahead of me, walking all the way into town in the snow. I am sure she would have got some pretty odd looks. Nonetheless, she said that she wanted to be doing a lot of walking, so I guess she is making sure she ticks that box. I hang around the house for a bit longer and catch up on a little blogging. By the time I catch up with her, its the early arvo.

I meet up with her at a little gift shop on the corner. We kinda just walk the entire left side of the main street, popping in and out of every store that catches our attention, and the one thing I have to say, is that Canadians do gift shops VERY well. I have been super impressed with all the great ideas and quirky things that Canadians come up with. 10/10 guys.

We just walk and talk and see things and its awesome, and like I said, its an uneventful day.


We decide to head back home and tuck in for the night. Its been snowing a fair bit. Not as much as other days, but still a fair whack and the thing I am struggling with isnt being able to see the other traffic, but being able to see the markings on the road. So check this out, I am pulled up at the lights, and I cant quite tell whether the middle lane favours us, or the opposite traffic. I need to turn left, but I am in the right lane. At the last minute, I see that the middle lane is for our traffic, which is turning left.

I quickly try and move into the left lane, but in doing so, I just end up blocking both lanes instead of merging into the other lane. The other thing which is really gay, is that because you can turn right on the red light at any time, I am stopping the flow of traffic. Lastly, to add to the mix, I had misread the communication between me and the driver behind me at the last intersection, and consequently, I am not his favourite person right now.

So get this, I am covering both lanes of traffic, and I see the car door behind me open.

The guy in the car behind me gets out of the car and he’s holding something long and round in his hand.

I’m thinking… “Right. Here we go” and I’m watching in the mirror to see what happens. I’m thinking, “I’ll explain to him that were Aussies and still just getting used to the road rules etc. etc. if things turn sour, then things turn sour”.

But, being that he is Canadian, he walks up to the rear of the car, and brushes all the snow off the back window. He just turns around and jumps back in his car.

Thats it. What?

Bec and I just have a laugh about it. In Australia, if you’ve pissed someone off enough that they are going to be getting out of a car, then you better be ready. Especially if they are holding something when they step out of the car. It was super passive-aggressive, and very nice of him.

That was pretty much the highlight of my day. Haha. Gotta love Canada.


Come back tomorrow,


3 thoughts on “Orangeville – Our Encounter With Passive-Aggressive Canada

  1. Oh Bill! What lovely people hey?! Thank you for keeping us all involved in your journey! Its beautiful! We should start a blog for daily life in Kalgoorlie!!! Would be very exciting and attract a lot of attention! Hahahaha!!


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