Blue Mountain

I’m on brekky again.

A brekky at 11am.

This time, its on my terms. Egg, mayo, ham, tomato, cheese and lettuce layered between lightly toasted slices of specialty (<lies) brown bread. Package me up and call me a maccas ad.

Drew loves it.
I love it.
This time, I win at brekky.

Our mission today, should we choose to accept it (and we did, just in case you were wondering), was to visit Blue Mountain. *enter epic music*

Blue mountain is about an hours drive north of where we are. Were told that its a pretty place, and that it is neighboured by a picturesque spot, called Sunset Point. Were excited to see the area, as so far, we haven’t been let down with Canada’s scenery, plus, the area is a pretty nice ski resort.

Drew and Jen are both flat out today, and being that we are relatively proficient on the roads now, so we have the privilege of being able to borrow their car for the day. We don’t end up leaving the house till early afternoon, coincidentally, as we are passing through Shelburne, all the kids are on their way to an excursion or something. I wanna honk at them all, but I think thats a bit weird. Bec says to me “You should honk at them”
“Thats what I was gonna do! But I thought it was a bit weird”


Spaceships. Legit.

Were pulled up at the lights and all these kids are just waving franticly at us, like we are the first contact they have had with the outside world all day. I love the enthusiasm, so I wave back. This sets off a chain reaction. The moment one kid got a wave back, he would spin around to his mate and point at us and say something along the lines that we waved back at him. Instantly, all the kids around him would wave back at us.

This repeats itself a couple more times, until the teachers are getting a whiff of the excitement that can come from waving at a couple parked up at the lights. Who would have thought? The teachers beam excitement and begin trying to play it cool and casually lend us a wave also. With expectation, they look with a half grin directly at us. But they’re not sure if they will receive the satisfaction they are looking for. I let them hang out for a bit longer. And a bit longer. I can see their smile dropping, and finally I send them a wave. Only one though. Its weird to wave too much at another full grown adult. But! I can see their smile is complete.

But! That isn’t the best bit. This little nuggety kid is the closest of about 5 kids to the curb, and getting closer. He looks at me. I look at him. I know he is considering something, and he better not be a tosser with whatever he is going to do next, so I keep my eye on him. He extends his arm fully out to the right side of his body, almost like he is saluting someone. He is holding my gaze intensely.

He brings his left arm up in a bent fashion, buries his head into the bend of his arm and snaps his head straight back out. For those who may be reading this in years to come. Google what a ‘Dab’ is. I’m not gonna let a good dab go by without a fitting response. Without second thought, I extend my left, bend my right and smash my head into the bend of my arm. The kid is ecstatic. Mission complete.


Sunset Point

Fast forward (cos nothing exciting happened), and we are at Sunset Point. Now, sunset point is close to Blue Mountain resort and from what I am told, is very picturesque. I wouldn’t know that though because during our drive up to Blue Mountain, it was getting increasingly heavier with the snow, and by the time we arrived at the actual point, we hardly see further than a hundred metres. We were at the point for about 15-20 mins. By the time we left, our tyre tracks were nearly covered again. The snow was heavy, and there was A LOT of it.


Doesnt look that heavy, but dont be decieved.

This is the exact kinda snow that I would love to do a shoot in. The snow is heavy enough to be able to see it easily, and there is a lot of it falling. Noting worse than people wondering what that spot is. You want people to know that its snow. Along with the snow, the shoreline is crashing hard. I keep forgetting that its just a lake. The size of the body of water is so big though, its hard to keep remembering that the water is fresh. Its seriously hard to get my head around it. As the snow continues to fall and the wind beats against us, we get colder, and decide to call it a day.


Choppy at the beach

We decide to get our move on. We get on the road to Blue Mountain, and the road is icier than ever. Every one is driving slow, and I don’t usually appreciate it, but I really really appreciate it now. I always thought that icy roads were a bit of an anomaly, but it literally happens every day. Its insane.

Its about 15 mins to get to blue mountain from sunset point. We drive through the township, and there is this one section of road where the snow gets heavier and heaver. We’ve been told about white outs and how you can’t even see a couple metres in front of you. We were ready for this and the whole time, I am trying to decide at what point we pull over and chuck the hazard lights on.

It gets to the point that we can really only see cars within a 15m radius. I’m thinking that if it gets any worse, I’ll probably have to pull over and wait it out. It kinda just continues at this intensity for the remainder of the stretch, and then out of nowhere, we pass through it all, and its blue skies.

What the hell?

Bec and I look at each other and were both as confused as each other. We can now see things like the ski lifts and haze of the tress lining the mountainside, and it is certainly the sight to see. Not like we were intending on snowboarding that day, but we could tell that the slopes didn’t have enough snow just yet. As we drive closer to the mountain, we begin to see the snow machines all fired up. And they are going gangbusters.


Making snow

We pull into a gear hire place to check out prices and were told that we have to go see the village. “Well ok then…” I doubt that there would be much to really see, but we’ll check it out nonetheless. As we pull into the car park, I can see why. Everything looks like some sort of swiss village. The shape of the buildings, the colours, it all looks the part. The sort of place that you would have to pay an arm and a leg to stay at too.


We’re a bit curious as to what the prices are, so Bec and I walk into one of the hotels. We take about 3 steps into the foyer, and I’m thinking, “Just don’t look any of the employees in the eye”, I don’t want really want to ask for prices (especially dressed like the pleb I currently am), to then only fumble and create a sub-par excuse. I look to Bec and say “Ahh. You know what? We can just find the prices online hey?”


The Village

This place is all like polished timber walls. I feel as though I would need to sell unborn children to stay there. Naturally, we leave. Its beautiful and all, but a little out of our league. Plus, the slopes aren’t open for another 3 days.

3 days early.



We drive about another 10km under the limit, as everything is slippery. Not only that, but everywhere that hasn’t had snow cleared off it, is so hard to judge any kind of depth. The surface of the snow is so smooth that there really isn’t really anything to cast a shadow or give any sense of depth, so unless there is something near by to judge how far something is, you can hardly tell how far away where you need to get is, and how deep the snow would be. Its seriously unreal.


We find some apples… Frozen apples.

We’re heading up this mountain to check out this spot called ‘Scenic Caves’. Sounds pretty cool. We pull into the car park, and there isn’t too much on about the whole caving thing. So, curious, we head to see the guys inside. They literally do nothing to do with caves, but there is heaps of caves around the area. So… I kinda guess that makes sense? I guess if I was to start a photo studio in Kalgoorlie, I could just call it “Scenic Mines”. Why not right?

Instead, they have got a suspension bridge, which you can walk over. You can hire snow shoes, so you can go for a big walk in the snow. Right… Ok. So, we decide we’ll just grab a brochure instead.


Anyways. We kinda just plod around Blue Mountain for a while. As we are heading back into the town, we come across this little roastery. We haven’t had an absolutely ripping coffee for a while, and I can say that Melbourne has spoilt me for ordinary coffee, so a roastery should be our safest bet. Its nice to have a better coffee, but as I see more of the world, I am even more impressed with Australia’s coffee culture. It going to be interesting to see where the best coffee we have is, but on the whole, Australia really does do coffee well.

We bludge off their wifi, and plot a route home.

But! This isn’t the end of the day. We’re chatting with Jen and Drew in the living room, and Jen reminds us that there is a junior hockey game on tonight. She’s got a heap of work to do, and Drew is as crook as it gets, so she asks “Would you guys like to go on your own?”. The stadium is literally across the road.
“Heck yeah”

The best bit about this junior league is that it is full contact. I have prepared my body and soul for this moment. If I could incarnate myself as an elite sports person, ice hockey would be one of my top two picks. The coolest thing? Its free, and its full contact. Oh yes. We rock up only a few minutes before the game starts and the teams are getting all warmed up going through their drills and pelting the goalie, and the goalie is a straight up champion. Grabbing pucks left and right out of the air. He’ll get in position by dropping his knees to the floor and covering as much of the floor floorspace as possible in front of the goal.


Out numbered

He’ll move around by shuffling himself side to side like a boss. When he’s done defending, he’ll just levitate himself back up onto his feet. Champ.

The match begins and before the puck hits the ice, the two players are already swinging. Sometimes they’ll knock the other players stick out the way, and on the return, will knock the puck over to their team mates. Other times, they will just scoop the puck out of the scuffle and palm it straight off to a team mate. Its good to have our first match as a junior game so that we can actually keep track of the puck. I’ve watched a couple NHL games on TV, and my god. Good luck trying to read the play. Its insane.

There are a few absolutely ripper hits. Not like they’re fussed though. They’ll just clean each other up, look at the player to make sure they’re alright, then skate off and let the player help themselves back up. Totally like its nothing at all haha. There was even a hit where the player nearly did a somersault, and this is still the junior league.

I. Love. It.


Ol’ mate on clean up duty.

Two players stand out to us. One is Murray, or as we named him, Muzza. The other is Hughes, who naturally became Hughesy. Muzza was a fair bit bigger than the rest of the players, and I have a feeling as though he was one of the go-to players on the team. He schooled the goalie on one shot from 1/3 of the rink. Absolute power shot. Hughesy on the other hand was a bit of runt, but a real jet. He was great to watch.

We would plough into another player, but you could see he knew that he wasnt going to do much damage, so he would just kinda knock them about, and then be on his way. But, he could handle the puck well. He was an asset to the team for sure.

By the first period, we were down 0-2. Not good.

By the end of the 3rd period, we were up 5-2. Rekt.

We win.
They loose.
Its a great children’s bedtime story.
Its my kinda bedtime story.
Its bedtime.

Come back tomorrow,


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