Orangeville – Barely a Bear Hunt

Have a guess how our day begins.

Yep. Just like the other day and the day before that.

We sleep.

The one thing about this morning that is really different though, is that I accept my own dare and offer to make breakfast for Bec. Not a risk you might say? Ahh, well you haven’t lived with a chef for the past 4 years, who would assume you’ve learnt more than you really have, and coincidentally, would expect you to be able to the basic things that you cant.

So, I step right out there and ask Bec if she wants me to make her porridge. She’s pumped that I’m making her brekky, so I accept the task and go for it. Do I screw it up? Of course. Its porridge right, but my non-cheffing hands and mind ensure that a lack of flavour and too much of a sticky consistency.

Whatever. She didnt have to make it. She’s still happy.

Brekky passes, and were still acting like bums. I’m ok with it.

Come lunchtime, we decide to do this walk around the lake. For those who have been following the blog, remember the first day that we arrived and we went for a walk around the lake ( This time, we decided to do the whole walk. I’m thinking “Oh, it wont be that long”.

We get there and look at the map and the walk is 8.5km long. I’m instantly starting to second guess this decision. Its cold. Its windy, and I am not sure about this any more. Being that 3km took us 1.5 hours yesterday, I’m not so sure about this anymore. Its 12:20, and I don’t wanna be walking in the wind and snow for the next 3 hours. Well, were not going to be back here any time soon, and were already here, so we might as well do the walk.

But… The big drawcard? There has been sightings of Bears around the lake in the last week or two. This, we were keen to see. We had heard and read enough tips and tricks that we had a false sense of security about us being able to deal with a bear. Plus it was only a black bear. Anything less than a grizzly isn’t worth my time.

As were walking over the road to the lake, a couple old ladies inform us that the boardwalks are icy and super slippery. “Yeah. Thanks ladies. We got this”. We kinda had it. Not completely, but mostly. We thought we had it, but a within less than a 100m on the board walk, we would discover that the we didn’t completely have it. We didnt go ass over, but we got close. I unintentionally impersonated a flailing octopus all while skidding a couple metres.


Again, I am reminded not to question the old ducks.

We straight away notice how much the lake has changed in the last week. It has only really got cold in the last couple days. Prior to that, it hasn’t been too bad. Despite all that, the lake has begun to freeze. Its not a piddly pond either, its a 8km walk around, so it is a decent size. Were curious as to how much the lake has actually frozen, so we try to pick up the ice on the board walk to see if we can throw it into the lake and break the surface. The thing that held us back from finding out the answer to our question wasn’t the throwing of the ice bit. It was the getting it off the boardwalk. That was an absolute mission.

It didn’t matter whether we kicked it, tried to pry it off, the ice was more resistant than that time when you tried to convince your mum that you’re 12, and you’re a big kid now.

We managed to get a bit if ice about the size of my palm of my hand.

“Ready babe?” ‘This will do the trick’, I reckoned to myself.

I throw that thing as hard as my centre of gravity will allow me before I slip back and end up in hospital. Which, in case your wondering, wasn’t very hard at all. It shattered like fireworks. Surprising. Disappointing, but surprising.

I being searching for something bigger and heavier. Its not happening. We keep walking till we reach a rock wall, and what is there, but… ROCKS! This is where it happens ladies and gents. Now, I’m gonna bust through that ice good and proper. I pick up a semi-decent rock, and launch it in the air as high as I can.

Watching with anticipation, I follow it’s descent until the moment of impact, and “thump”. It wedges itself deep in the ice and gets stuck harder than the single bloke on a double date.


That answers it. Canada freezes over pretty bloody fast. We knock out the walk in a mere 2 hours. Not a bad effort.

Now, we’ve been told that Pork is the way to go. Canada is infamous for it, and we haven’t tried it yet. So, that is the mission for today. We head across the road from where we started, to a place called Montana’s. I dont know wether I have mentioned this yet or not, but there are so many places with someone’s name in Canada. Like, Kelsey’s, Montana’s Joey’s, Harvey’s, Tim Horton’s.

Thats it. Thats all you get. You gotta work out what they are selling. All you get is the name. You walk in to work out what food they’re gonna serve you, and BAM! They gotcha. You’re eating there now haha. Nah seriously though, I haven’t seen so many eateries just with people’s names as the titles.

We sit down, and they have got crayons, and butcher’s paper on the table. Budget? Definitely. Entertaining? Definitely. We eat, and draw and play noughts and crosses. This is real life ladies and gentlemen. This is what it is about. I get me a juicy steak. Its been a long time coming, and 100% worth it. Bec does the thing that we orginally planned to do, and orders the ribs. We both win. Its a great day.

The lady is polite enough about it, and so she should be, otherwise I would only give her a 5% tip. Yeah. I totally forget about this crap. You gotta tip like 15%. Its mental.

Anyway. We go home, and kick back for the rest of the day. Its grand.

Come back tomorrow,


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