Toronto – (Partly) The Two of Us

I’m a bit blurry-eyed.

Bec’s still fast asleep.

My mind speaks on my body’s behalf, and lets me know that it’s slept enough. So, I just kinda sit there. The bed frame is touching 3 sides of the bedroom walls.

At. The. Same. Time.

So, I try not to move as I pry the curtain back to see how long my mate, the sun has been kicking it on his own out there. Theres not much point in me going back to sleep. So, I try my best feather fingers and try to pry my phone from the socket just above Bec’s head. She’s not really asleep, unbeknown to me. She jolts her body and flicks her head with a prompt “Whaddayadoin?!”.

I mean, I didn’t need to take a leak before… But I guess things change.

Here I was thinking that I was being so quiet. Her powers of observation are impeccable. We know that Ben is going to be a couple of hours yet, so we take our day slow. We head to… Timmo’s. Were pretty much onto it now. If you don’t know where one is. Just walk another block and you’ll find yourself one in a sec.

We sit.
I blog.
Bec reads.
We enjoy.

toronto-pt1-18There was this awesome little street that we came by on our travels last night, and it reminded us so much of Brunswick, in Melbourne. Coincidentally, it was also called Brunswick St. So this was our first destination. We walked about 10 blocks or so. Just heading into any shop that would tickle our fancy. My favourite shop we went into wasn’t because of the contents (even though it was an toronto-pt2-4awesome gift shop), but because of the bulldog. Its super friendly, and people totally aren’t even fussed that there is a dog in the shop.

This is something that I have noticed with Canada. People arent fussed by much. People will just get along with their time, or day, or trip, or whatever. A few blocks down, we come across a Korean Sweet shop, which make these walnut, chocolate pastry things, and its all done with this old school mechanical machine, and it is totally awesome. Its like a Jaffle machine for these pastry things.

There is just one bloke sitting at the end who just empties the trays and chucks a nut in the next batch. Its great to watch. A couple minutes later, we have another straggler come and watch, so I feel less awkward now.

By this time, I am more than ready for a nap. 4 days in, and its been all go up to this point, so it is starting to hit me. We look for a Tim Hortons to kick back at for a little bit. We turn a corner, and we are greeted with a gust that slaps you like the unforgiving girlfriend you never gave enough attention to. But, just as the wake up begins to wear off, like the red sea parting, our eyes soften as they land upon the magical Tim Horton’s sign hanging over the path.

We’re safe.
I recover.
Bec waits.
And has had enough of waiting, so I lug my bag back onto my back and we head over to explore the park in front of us.


Its nice, and we can feel the rumble of the subway below us. Its an odd sensation. When that happens back in Kalgoorlie, it means that an earthquake is happening. Quite cool.

We team up with Ben again and walk. And walk and its great. We chat more and get up to date on life. He’s starving, so we swing into this place called 5 guys burgers. Its littered with excerpts from newspapers about how they literally have the best burgers ever tasted. It seems a bit far fetched, but judging by the line of people and the amount of people dining there in the middle of the afternoon, its a decent assumption to make that the articles dont stray far from the truth. toronto-pt2-13

We find out that they source their potatoes from a different area in Toronto each day. They’re all fresh cut and they are magical. We eat and get our fat asses on our way.

You see, tonight, Lauren has a school musical on, so we have all got tickets to see it, which includes a dinner.

We make our way to the subway, which was meant to take us all the way to the stop we needed in about 10 mins. But the plot thickens when the train we needed to get on was shut, so off to the bus we go. It is a dismal line. And the line is about 100+ people long. Credit to Toronto though, they had us all on a bus in probably 10 mins. Then another 10 mins to reach the station we needed to reach. Then another 10 mins to get to the station we needed.

We’re off, and ask this guy how to get to the shopping mall, because we have got about an hour to kill before Aunty Jen picks us up for the play. He tells us that we can jump on the subway to get off at the next stop. We tell him that we don’t want to pay for another fare, and how do we walk over there. He tells us again that we should just jump on the subway, as it is only 1 stop away. We explain that we don’t want to pay for another ticket. He explains again that the subway is the easiest way to get there.

At this point, I look at Ben, he looks at me, and we turn to the guy and say “Oh thanks mate. We’ll do that”. He asks us where were from, and I cant be bothered talking to this brick wall any more, so I tell him were from Australia, smile and make some piss poor reason to keep moving.


Us, not walking to the mall

Its necessary at this point.

We just walk to the nearest coffee shop, called second cup (which is just a starbucks rip off) and play cards till Jen arrives. Its a nice way to wind down with a coffee.

We hop into the pimp wagon, and the traffic is insane. Lauren is meant to be there at 5:30, and it isn’t happening any time in the foreseeable future. We’d been warmed about the 401, and now I can testify, along with the rest of those who despise that particular highway.

Lauren has made it evidently clear that the musical was going to be a flop. However, I had kinda picked up a bit of a “I’m looking forward to it” undertone. Surprisingly, it was in no way disappointing. Especially for a school play, they had nailed it. We ate, drank and enjoyed the show. But I was falling asleep in my seat by the time the intermission came around.

For some ungodly reason, they decided to wait till the intermission to introduce coffee to everyone.


Post coffee-eyes

I had 4 coffees.

It was totally necessary. I took about 3 different desserts too. While I was talking with Ben, it was like behind my eyes just sharpened and I felt like my senses just heightened. Man. The combination of coffee and sugar kept me going perfectly though to the end of the show.

Not to say the show wasn’t awesome, I was just spent.

Drew and I head to Toronto to drop Ben back. We see him off, and make our way home. Its a great time to just be able to get up to speed on each other’s lives without any prying ears around. We’re able to be honest and real about how we feel about certain aspects of our lives, and it was totally necessary.

After 6 years of having very little communication, catching up on life is right up there on the top of my to-do list.

We get home.
He pours the scotch.
We chat.
He pours the 15 year old scotch.
We chat.
He pours the French Cognac.
We chat.
We look at the time.
We chat.
We look at the time again.
Its 2am.
We chat.
We go to bed.


Come back later,


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