Orangeville, Canada – Day 2, Day off.

We decide to sleep in today.

Yesterday took it out of us for sure. After suffering at the hands of soul-less air hostesses and single digit temperatures, were done. We need to sleep well.


Choosing to remain unmotivated.

The plan was to get up early enough to get a shot of this valley with the fog lying low in it’s valley floor. That didn’t eventuate. We ended rising later than anticipated, and I’m 100% ok with that. Bec and I decide to start the day slow. We think that were gonna be big kids and do that thing that your parents try and prepare you for, when you can shop for yourself and navigate suburban blocks. DSC_3197.jpg

Despite my initial hesitation, we actually did alright. We slapped on our running attire because we wanted to feel a little bit healthy, but it doesn’t last long. I’m assuming that it was a mix between taking in the scenery around us and pretty much just not wanting to go for a run.

We thought it was a grand idea that we went and hit the shops. We’ll run off and get the ingredients for dinner tonight and Anzac bikkies. BUT! We’ve got this sick idea of fun, where we try to remember everything that anyone we know in Australia dreams of doing and then we do it and take photos of us doing it on their behalf.


The Dairy Queen

One of these instances was Dairy Queen. Jacob (my father in law) was a long time Dairy Queen fan and so Bec wanted to rip in to have a look and take some visual jealousy to show him later. We walk in and scan through the menu. The first thing I notice is the insanely cheap prices of food. We dont wanna blow heaps of $, so we decide to split a burger meal, which contains a burger, chips, a medium (by Australian standards, a large) drink and an ice cream all for $7.49. Its unreal.
We hit the shops, and as per usual, everything is dirt cheap and we are blown away by it. The one thing I am really interested in is the Cherries though. I havent seen them yet, but I am told that they’re only a couple dollars for a Kilo. In Australia, good luck getting a kilo for less than $16. That is unreal. I havent found them yet though. Instead, I appease my intrigue with Twinkies.


The face I pull when Bec isn’t happy with the face I pulled.

Oh, but one thing I nearly forgot to tell you, which is blatantly not cool in any way whatsoever, is that lamb is nearly non-existent in Canada. There was literally no lamb in the meat section of the shops. How absurd is that?! I just figured that lamb is a staple of the global population’s diet. I swear the moment I can find me some nice lamb chops, I’m gonna go troppo on a barbie hey.

AND! Ive been told that when you do find them, they are their own commodity and be ready to sacrifice your week’s wage for a decent family meal. Makes me a little bit angry.


“Do that walking pose thing”

Canada’s big thing is Pork. Everywhere you go, its all pork in Canada. They live, breathe and digest it. Anyways. We take a lot longer shopping than we should just because I’m kinda shopping and kinda assessing who is looking at me funny because of my accent.

We make our way home, and what do we spy? None other than another big ass yellow school bus. Bec says “Oh Billy! Can I get a photo of the toyota jump with the bus?”. I take ownership of the shopping bags, kneel on one knee for the best angle, and just as I am about to hit the shutter, I realise how 100% tourist we look. I’m ok with it. I’d rather look back with memories than try to not look like a tourist. DSC_3211.jpg

The busses are definitely Bec’s highlight of the trip so far. And for valid reason. They were pretty much a Unicorn up until a couple days ago. We just wander and chat all the way home. Admittedly, we were only a few blocks away, but thats beside the point.

By the time we get home, my Aunty is home also. She isn’t even out of her work clothes before she is chafing at the bit to go explore more of her own country side with us. Its fantastic. Its seems as though we’d unintentionally brought out the adventurous side our of the family hey. There has been quite a few times what we have gone somewhere, to then find out that this is the first time that they’d been there too. Its kinda cool to be sharing the experience with others than just ourselves hey.

We all jump into the pimp wagon and spend the afternoon literally just exploring the countryside, and it really is just so picturesque. There are GIANT wooden barns everywhere. Most of them are falling to pieces, and others are will well kept. But my God, they are so iconic. They all have this real rustic majesty to them and loom over the fields like giants.



I think thats about it.

Come back later,


2 thoughts on “Orangeville, Canada – Day 2, Day off.

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    Glad you are having a great time, have you been in contact with the Car Hire Company in Iceland


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